LomoKino: The First Hand-Cranked Movie Camera that Uses Ordinary 35mm Film

Lomography has launched the LomoKino, the world’s first consumer 35mm movie camera. It’s an old-school hand-cranked camera that uses standard rolls of 35mm film (yeah, the kind you use in film cameras). The camera captures 144 individual frames onto each roll of film, producing a video that lasts 50-60 seconds. Once you have your film developed, you can watch it using a separate LomoKinoScope: a hand-cranked movie viewer!

Here’s are a few sample videos shot with the Lomokino:

The LomoKino costs $79, but for $99 you can get the LomoKinoScope, a film canister, and a book about the camera.

LomoKino [Lomography]

  • F_ckhipsters

    hipsters are happy once again

  • Anonymous

    they should have doubled the price and the quality.

  • Somebody

    If that camera had option to mount old lenses, it would be epic!

  • Hyper

    Good thing I restored that ’20s handcranked 35mm movieprojector then :D

  • Dave

    Great. Now we have a device that can produce lower quality video than your phone. At least you get to pay for film and processing. Why not just use your phone and then dumb down the quality to look exactly like this with (free?) video editing software?

  • Kafir

    Why do stupid products like these get invented/sold?? 

  • Gillamoto

    why so cynical? I’m not a Lomo maniac, but I think there isn’t any limitation for creativity. a photographer is an artist. he/she should be a creative mind, free mind. use any media available uncommonly. break the rules. boost your right brain. and have fun!

    I know photoshop can do a lot of things we need, but photography is beyond photoshopping. why spend thousands of dollars if we can hire a photographer? please, but your boring left brain is not accepted in photography.

  • Anonymous

    Well said. Nowadays, most people seem to be using cameras as tech toys and not as creative tools—all they care is how sharp, how many pixels, ISO performance, focus speed, build in EVF, etc., rather than the PROCESS and the EXPERIENCE of making a photo. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe just to annoy uncreative and cynical people like yourself?

  • Dave

    Just because someone chooses not to use a toy camera does not mean they are uncreative. Conversely, just because someone considers using and antiquated and sub par medium does not automatically make them creative. Some of the most creative people I know have a healthy dose of cynicism as well. Judgmental people on the other hand……….

  • Soe Lin

    ok.fine. I just reacted because I was annoyed by how quickly people are hating it, telling it useless, stupid, for hipsters, etc., while it is perfectly a creative tool for someone else.

  • James


  • Dale Burden2

    But a creative person also does not refer to something they would not use as stupid just becasue they would not use it. They would accept that someone with a different form of creativity might find this useful or at least see the possiblities of it. The OP called it stupid there fore they do not see any possiblities. Also any tool no matter how cheap does not mean it is a toy as this one is not. The average child would not see a use for this and would not want to wait for the film to be developed. 

  • Dale Burden2

    True but who ever said that a tool like this was for “most people”? I’d say it is for a select few that want to do something outside the box.

  • Dale Burden2

    If you are looking to shoot average stuff sure but what if you want to create something outside the norm and actually use a creative process to do it? Not all painters use the same paints, brushes and canvas or if they do they may not use them in the same way. This is a tool for a select few not the general public.

  • Tonejukee

    right, but how would one bring this footage into a mac.  It would be fun to mess it in digital.  I wonder how they got the footage onto this page, for example

  • e.mure

    judgmental people such as yourself? maybe you should take a moment to reflect on how contradictory your statements are. think before you speak. what i do not understand is why people feel the need to judge and put down everything that isn’t to their standard, or interest, or liking. one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. what do you gain from trashing a CAMERA? does it make you feel warm and tingly inside?

    i live for the day when people stop hating.

  • -e-

    my my, we sure are obsessed with shiny, new things, aren’t we?

  • -e-

    my friend has one, i’m not sure how it works but there is a program you can use to convert it to a digital format. like i said, i don’t know how it works. if i find out, i’ll tell you(:

  • Dave

    “i live for the day when people stop hating.” ” does it make you feel warm and tingly inside? ”

    maybe you should take a moment to reflect on how contradictory your statements are.

  • Dave

    i live for the day when people stop hating.

  • -e-

    hey now, i was just asking a question. bro i’m not hating. i’m just making a point. i’m really not trying to pick a fight, i’m just trying to show you how you come across. like i said, i don’t know why people feel the need to judge so much. i’m not saying i don’t do it, cause everyone does, and i do too, but i’m aware of it. but i keep negativity to myself, most of the time. there are certain times when i do speak up, like here, because i really couldn’t tolerate what people are saying here. i really cannot process why people think they gain something from trashing something as lifeless as a camera.

  • Zyx

    wow you really must be an angry person. i truly hope someday you can find something that makes you happy, something more satisfying than what you’re doing here.

  • Dave

    And what are you doing here? It looks like the only thing you are doing here is being angry. I made a comment, which was my opinion, and is actually valid. Someone made a snarky reply that was hypocritical, and I called them on it. You are basically just trolling. Not participating in the subject whatsoever, just trolling. So,….what ARE you doing here?

  • Adam

    Haha, look at all the panic-stricken responses from people who can’t figure out the daunting complexities of buying, developing and scanning film. Oh noz, woe is teh us, we may actually have to figure out where Instagram stole its processes from. However will we cope?? 

    Freaking iTards, the lot of you.

  • 2011lapegjl

    lomography works to make old style photography accessible to everyday people. some people like film for its aesthetic qualities, some like digital (although i struggle to understand why). people buy digital cameras that look vintage and instagram their lives to give the lomo effect…. as great as that may be for some, whats the point of trying to make something digital and one dimensional look authentic and interesting like vintage cameras do. theres the real contradiction. where is the spontaneity and character of that style of digital photography? this is just my opinion, and as i own a lomokino i can vouch for how amazing it is. it breathes life into the otherwise lifeless stuff digital photographers and moviemakers are mass producing these days

  • IsZacharyVillian

    It is just a different way to shot video. You don’t have to against it if you don’t like it. Other people may like it, whatever for special experience or different quality. Meanwhile, if you dumb down the quality with a free app, it won’t be nature. Digital videos are different to videos developed by film anyway. By the way, it is not wise to do everything considering only money.