Insane Discounts on SanDisk Compact Flash Cards at B&H

Update: The deal prices seem to be fluctuating. They might not be what our screenshot shows.

In the market for memory cards? B&H is currently offering SanDisk Compact Flash cards at crazy prices. They’re listing Extreme Pro cards at less than 50% of the price offered at other retailers. For example, a 16GB Extreme Pro card currently costs $60 (with free shipping in the US) from B&H but $130+ at most other places.

SanDisk Compact Flash Cards [B&H Photo Video]

Thanks for sending in the tip, Tyler!

  • Dan Foy

    Prices almost as insane as their P&P costs for delivering to the UK, jesus :/

  • Wing Wong

    Nice. Just added another 32GB card to my set. Really hoping that A99 will support compact flash. ;)

  • Ian Ludwig

    Dead Deal. Should have picked up a couple earlier.

  • Scobols

    Hmmm… When I go there it lists for $129.95. Was it a mistake that they corrected already?

  • Three_fitty

    The prices have changed. The 32gb is still cheap at $129, but Amazon are also offering it for $109. Have still brought 4 as the 32gb is £160+ in the UK and after taxes and shipping these still work out about £60 cheaper each.

  • Wing Wong

    Wow, I guess I got my order in before the flip. Hope they honor it, an extra 32GB 600X card would definitely rock.

  • tatyana skymyrka
  • Anonymous

    $66 now, sounds like a good price.  I already have a couple 16GB cards speed matched to my camera, and that’s enough for me right now.

  • Ian Ludwig

    Deal is back up.

  • mike b

    Amazon has price matched the current BH prices.

  • AJ Dexter

    Whoa thanks for posting, and have ordered up!