How to Capture a Face Smash Photo without Putting Teeth at Risk

Photographer Blair Bunting made this photograph for a Discovery Channel ad promoting the show Deadliest Catch. Can you figure out how Bunting shot it without putting the model’s body at risk? The trick is to use a few high powered leaf blowers and some liquid that looks like blood.

Here’s a brief behind the scenes video that shows the blowers and liquid in action. We don’t get to see the actual exposure that captured this photo, but you’ll get a pretty good idea of how it was made:

(via Profoto via Fstoppers)

Image credit: Photograph by Blair Bunting


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  • Da

    So much post it looks more like a drawing now.

  • kelli g

    Well, to be fair, it’s the Deadliest Catch theme song.

  • Emanuele Meazzo

    It’s easier, cheaper and you get a better result actually drawing it, indeed.

  • Kb

    Agreed. What’s the point? seems like it would be much more appealing if it didn’t look like an extreme HDR shot.

  • Marc Taro

    Totally looks like a drawing. One guy could have made that instead of a room full of people, gear and cameras….

  • Igogosh

    but it still rocks:) Sure, the post could have been done differently. The guy has good imagination and knows how to – we should give him that. Now anyone good at driving can have a go. Deciding what to draw is the biggest challenge. 

  • Dave

    ….and then demolish the whole thing with ham-handed hdr rendering. That look is so old and tired already. Anyone remember what photography looks like?

  • Albert

    it looks like whatever you want it to look like :)

  • @newendpro

    i like the high contrast and gamma, i think the image looks good, it fits the grunginess of what the crab fisherman’s life is like…..the video on the other hand was lacking but i guess it wasn’t a explanation video, just a fly on the wall video. 

    all around good, but would have liked to see how they placed the hook to his face…

  • Sodufy

    i actually muted the audio about 10 seconds into it…

  • Anthony Burokas

    Agreed! Most any decent caricaturist could have done that by him or herself and a few hours of work.

  • Anthony Burokas

    And the CMOS flash banding is the second most annoying thing about this video. Aside from the music and no sync sound.

  • Sebastián Soto

    So much complaining about the post-processing, everything doesn’t need to look like you want ;)

    Also, you seem to be underrating the work of drawing artists. This would take more than a few hours, and possibly more than one guy.

  • akshayjamwal

    Interesting. But the end result is way overcooked in my opinion.