Weekend Project: Build a DIY Lensbaby

DIYPhotography has a neat tutorial on how you can build a DIY Lensbaby lens with cheap parts. The ingredients list consists of a macro extension tube, some electric tape, a macro filter set, and a pipe clamp.

Build a Lynny – A DIY Lensbaby [DIYPhotography]

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  • Nicholas Butler

    I’d hate to say it, but it looks like crap…

  • Spam

    a mate of mine did something similar with bits of left over Lomo kit. I filmed the process:

  • Cameron Texter

    Lol. Thank you! I’m the creator of this DIY project. I guess you can call it that, but it is pretty cool and fun to use. :)

  • Cameron Texter


    It would be greatly appreciated, plus there are rewards, including 6 versions of this lens, 3 for Nikon and 3 for Canon, for 3 different focusing distances. 

    Please help support this!

  • noss

    ..but it has it’s own feeling!