RoundFlash: A Collapsible Ring Flash Adapter That Sets Up Like a Tent

The RoundFlash is a new ring flash adapter that’s lightweight and collapsible. Setting it up from its collapsed state is similar to setting up a tent: simply take the rods and stick them into the holes to expand the adapter.

Here’s a short video showing how the product works:

The portability comes at a price: a RoundFlash will set you back $159 (though shipping is free worldwide).

RoundFlash (via Pixel Analogo)

  • Franco

    amazing idea, but kinda pricey

  • Wing Wong

    Nice! Yeah, the price is definitely high. :(

  • freeboprich

    Over priced light box, yes?  Cheap imitators on ebay will soon follow I’m sure.  By the by, didn’t you mean “sets up *like* a tent”?

  • Josh Ladella

    Love love love this idea. While the price is a bit steep, it finally opens up good lighting to the average person who doesn’t want to carry very much. I think this will be a hit among pro photogs.

    The only downside I can see (other than price) is that its basically restricted to autofocus primes. There’s no way you’ll be able to access zoom and focus rings with this.

  • Daniel Hoherd

    I’d love to see what people are comparing this to when they say the price is steep.  To me, the price is pretty good.

  • Michael Zhang

    Yeup, thanks!

  • Daniel Hoherd

    FYI, they’re already sold out.

  • Drew Church

    You’re full of typos today eh? ;)

    Bottom line is that this product is ridiculously overpriced.

  • Anonymous

    Pricey ?!! OK…first off, $159 is hardly a lotta cash for a ringlight, especially if you price a ‘real’ ringlight. And besides the whole portability and light weight, this gives you something that’s decidedly hard to get outta a normal rightlight…a big, SOFT light! And kind of a crazy/cool catchlight in the subjects eye, to boot! The only thing that I wonder about is what your subject is gonna feel like when you’re hidden behind the thing! It’s freaking HUGE!!! Hell…I live behind a Profoto ringlight half of my life, but at least I can peek around it every now and then to direct the person in front of my camera…when you’re behind this giant ballon you might as well be shooting from a remote location. 

  • Nick

    What a completely ridiculous piece of trash. Perfect if you have a face for radio and like scaring small children, or are too shy to engage your subject.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously you’ve never used a real ringlight.

  • Alan Dove

    If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could probably whip one of these up in an afternoon: black cloth for the rim, white for the face, a couple of lengths of spring steel salvaged from an old fish tape, and a handful of plastic rods and grommets. You probably won’t beat the $159 price if you count the value of your time, but folks who really enjoy handicrafts could come out ahead.

  • Antony

    1 point that doesn’t seem to be addressed, how much light do you lose, and what is the quality of the pics?

  • DDP

    Sample photos look terrible on the site

  • Paffe

    Is the light from the flash even reaching the lower part of the ring? I dont think so. In my opinion ~70% of the light is getting through the upper part of the ring. The most important thing in all of these cheap ring light solutions is the even distribution of light across the ring.