Sweet Promo Video for the GoPro Hero2

One of the big things GoPro has going for it is viral marketing: people — including the world’s best daredevils — are constantly producing never-before-seen footage using the company’s tiny HD cameras, and it seems every week a new GoPro video goes viral on the web. The company isn’t bad at creating their own videos either — the above is an amazing promo video showing off the capabilities of the new Hero2 camera announced yesterday. 100% of the footage was captured using the camera, which can shoot 10mp stills at 11fps and 1080p video at 30fps.

(via Vincent Laforet)

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  • Bizzel

    I want I want I want. Heading to costa rica in 3 weeks I think this is now an essential. Great video

  • Andrew MacDonald

    Outstanding video!

  • Ojas Ray

    any ideas on when the wifi pak is going to come – i know it is winter 2011 -2012…but does that mean dec? 

  • lswan

    wondering about audio…. HDR the stills would be awesome like work of Tucker Bair