Inception-esque Photo of a Street in Paris

A ‘vortograph’ is a photo taken using a triangular arrangement of three mirrors. The process was invented back in 1917 by an American photographer named Alvin Langdon Coburn. Photographer Simon Gardiner decided to try his hand at vortography, and created this beautiful Inception-esque photograph of the Champs-Élysées in Paris [using Photoshop].

From the sky down (via Colossal)

Update: As was pointed out by keen eyed PP readers, Gardiner actually relied on Photoshop for the effect seen in this example. We’ve updated the post to reflect this fact.

Image credit: Photograph by Simon Gardiner and used with permission

  • Joe

    Isn’t this just a kaleidoscope without the colored bits?

  • Mauricio

    Loved it! Gives new perspectives for what we (think we) already know.
    Great job!

  • Alix Guillard

    This is not “a street in Paris”, the is the Champs Élysées

  • kombizz
  • venomboyz

    Nice work but feel dizzy.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks Alix :)

  • wickerprints

    The photograph shown could not have been created using a system of mirrors.  The duplicate images are not reflected, but are rotated.  The way they overlap suggests the effect was achieved in post, not by using any optical device.  It’s quite easy to do.

  • Alix Guillard

    I hope you don’t thank me for the mistyped “the/this” :-) To be precise, this is a view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe.