GoPro Announces the HD Hero2 with Twice the Power of the Original

GoPro has unveiled the HD Hero2, the followup to the highly popular HD Hero from 2009 that has been adopted by daredevils around the world. The new camera is similar in design but offers major upgrades: more angles of view (90°, 127°, and 170°), 11-megapixel still photos (up from 5MP) at 10fps, a helpful LCD display instead of a single character code system, a mini-HDMI port, and a faster sensor that allows for faster frame rates (e.g. 960p at 48fps, up from 30).

The Hero2 is available in three different kits (outdoor, motorsports, and surf) for $300, and the price of the old Hero has been reduced to $200.

  • Mike Heller

    Wow, looks great.  I think this is tempting enough to make me go buy one now.  

  • Go

    a way to trigger a strobe for stills work?

  • Anonymous

    Wicked price. Makes my old one look feckless. Ah well, might just order a new one, you can never have *too many* GoPros.