Cute Photos of Not-So-Happy Babies

Photographs of happy babies are cute, but not-so-happy babies can also make for great photo subjects. Photographer Evan Kafka has a knack for capturing wonderful expressions of both varieties.

You can find more of Kafka’s work over in his online portfolio.

Babe by Evan Kafka (via Cuded via InspireFirst)

Image credits: Photographs by Evan Kafka and used with permission

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  • Matty

    The second = the best. 

  • Matt Burns

    The last = the worst

  • Joe

    Jill Greenberg, anyone?

  • Michael Courier

    Yeah, that’s the feeling I got from this.



  • Mike

    Jill Greenberg ripoff, but worse

  • Jens Westphal

    Really not very sweet pictures, but more expressive than many photographs of adults

  • Spider- Man

    I’m going out to get a vasectomy right now!

  • Kobyharati

    reminds me of the work of Jill Greenberg:

  • Kelly

    very much agreed.

  • Sebastián Soto

    This is a little terrifying, not only for the resulting photos, but also how these guys get these kind of expressions on babies.

  • Mauricio

    Eh, okay, interesting…

  • Mauricio

    It’s pretty simple. They just put the “texas chainsaw massacre” dvd and let the kids watch. LOL

  • Leonardo Leonardo


  • Spider- Man

    two girls one cup…

  • Roy Warner

    Faces only mothers could love

  • Rodrigo Abello

    can you spell over processed?