Display a Giant Photo on Your Wall Using Wooden Boards

Inspired by Caleb Ungewitter’s giant poster project, Andy Beckmann decided to try his hand at making a nicer version. Instead of attaching prints to the wall directly, Beckmann purchased 36 210x297mm wooden boards to mount the prints on (the photo was split into smaller prints using PosteRazor). The result is a more durable and professional looking display that can be easily reused in a different location.

Here’s the video showing a time-lapse walkthrough of his project:

  • tatyana skymyrka

    wow, this is absolutely phenomenal!! thank you thank you thank you!!
    I have a weekend project now (: Thinking it about taking a step further and possibly coating the boards with resin just like highlighted here a while back:

    awesome post, thanks again!!

  • guest

    where did you get the plywood panels?

  • Mgarber177

    I live in a humid, jungle kind of environment, and glue tends to eventually release prints from wood backing.  Anybody got a tip on another way to mount photos without a border frame? (keeping in mind air cavities tend to eventually invite mold)

  • Stock Photos

    This photo wall art looks great – just too much work, for me.  A great rainy day project, though!

  • JoshuaJ

    I’m curious and new to this and have a question.  I have a picture which I’d really love to do this with but there is a problem.  The original image is 507.76mm x 370.24mm.  When I use A4 size there seems to be an issue with borders and page cropping.  Which in turn creates a image sizes that will differ from the A4 size because of cropping.  So my question is what image size should I resize my original image to in order to make the finished images all the same A4 size?

  • guest

    Just curious mate: were’d you get the boards from? I’ve been wanting to do this myself, but all I can seem to find is solid massive sheets. A pointer in the right direction would be great.