Fujifilm Releases Leica-esque X100 Special Edition

When the X100 was announced a year ago, some people accused Fujifilm of ripping off the look of Leica’s rangefinder cameras. The retro look worked though, and retailers have had a hard time keeping the camera in stock. Now Fujifilm is making another Leica-esque move by releasing a limited edition version of the X100.

Only 200 units will be sold in Hong Kong, and it looks like the only difference is that the black covering has been replaced with light brown leather. Maybe the next special edition will be wrapped in ostrich skin

(via Facebook via Photo Rumors)

  • Photos By Rikki

    It’s quite ugly.

  • Floppit


  • Ted Marlow

    that looks like small scale alligator.

  • Nan

    Funny comments. It is a 23 mm f 1.2  though. Such a camera could (should?) be widespread among us, if it is good. But that’s not what @PetaPixel cares about, is it?

  • Pete Boyd

    On the front of that lens it says 1:2, which means f/2, not f/1.2.

  • Anonymous

    It is spread amongst us. It’s called an X100 and it’s been out since June and everyone and their mom are carrying one around. And what the hell are you talking about “what PetaPixel cares about”?

  • Through Painted Eyes

    lol I don’t know if you’re trying to be snarky or something, but wth do you mean by PetaPixel not caring if the camera is “widespread among us”. Either troll or rebel without a cause.

  • Kenjyi

    how would i carry that around without activating everyone’s gaydar?

  • Bla

    Is it really an ‘official’ release? Here you can get various custom coverings:

    The ‘special edition’ looks  alot like the “Lizard ocher” variant.

  • Anonymous

    Man! You’re right, and it may be cheesy as hell, but I want the wood covered one! The darker color that is…

  • Michael Zhang

    Hmm. Definitely looks like the same thing. It does seem like Fujifilm is offer a limited edition of it with unique numbers though: