Cross Section View of the Lytro Camera and Speculation on Its Sensor Size

Here’s a cross section view of the consumer light field camera unveiled by Lytro yesterday. Many people have been wondering about the camera’s output resolution. The official specs are enigmatic in this regard, as the resolution isn’t listed in megapixels (it boasts “11 Megarays”). If the diagram is to scale, however, we can learn a little about the sensor’s size. The camera is listed as being 41mm tall, so the sensor appears to be between 7.5×7.5mm and 10.5×10.5mm — roughly the size of a Fujifilm X10 sensor.

Update: Photographer Jim Goldstein did his own calculations can guesses that the photos are equivalent to 1-2 megapixels.

  • White Hot Phoenix

    a constant f/2 aperture is unheard of, huh?

  • Philip Han

    Well a constant f/2 aperture over an 8X zoom range? Yes, that is unheard of.

  • Anonymous

    Why on earth did you put the megapixel count on there? It’s apples to oranges. And it’s speculation by someone who doesn’t know the first thing about the camera!

  • Michael Zhang

    I think a lot of people are wondering what kind of resolution the photos would be if they decide to offer a lightfield data->traditional photo conversion. they’re keep very quiet on that right now

  • Anonymous

    I understand that part, but it’s really not helpful to anyone to think about it that way. I don’t know the first thing about the tech myself, aside from diddling through the dissertation and following lytro’s evolution through updates and such, but it’s not hard to get that this isn’t photography like everyone is trying to understand it as. The lytro (in my opinion) will not be offered for conversion in the traditional sense, because that’s not the intent or proper application.


    I know you’re trying to just help answer people’s questions, but I don’t think that is the right answer for the question.

  • Blueeyedpop

    in a plenoptic camera, you trade x and y resolution on the sensor for depth information. The more depth data you want, the more x-y you lose. Given today’s sensors pixels counts, and the cost of the device, 2 megapixels sounds reasonable. 

  • Daniel Hoherd

    I agree, and I think the question people should be asking is what is the count of the micro lenses in the lens array.  That would be the most similar number to megapixels because it would indicate the number of discrete sets of information.


    ok so now that we know the aperture is f2. what i realy want to know is will the exposer time vary in different light situations? and also once i get the desired focus i want can i export the image as a jpg or would i always have to you their viewing tool?
    I wonder if they have the answers to this.

  • Spider- Man

    megaray, the new transformers enemy…