Crazy Photo Project: One Self-Portrait Every Hour, For an Entire Year

Daily photo projects have become quite popular as of late, and a number of viral time-lapse videos feature people who take one self-portrait a day over many years. However, if you think taking a photo every day requires a crazy amount of dedication, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

For an entire year, from April 11, 1980 through April 11, 1981, legendary performance artist Tehching Hsieh punched a time clock and took a self-portrait every hour (i.e. 24 times a day) on the hour. At the end of the year, he ended up with 8,760 photos and combined them into a time-lapse video showing the passing of a year (and the growth of his hair). Now that’s crazy!

Thanks for sending in the tip, Lloyd!

  • rekanize

    What’s even more amazing? That tan line!

  • Anonymous

    So did he just not sleep for a year? That is crazyyy

  • John Godwin

    While some photographers are extremely talented, others are just fucking morons.

  • Marc van der Veen

    Not surprisingly, he looks tired in every shot. 

  • Josh Ladella

    You can also see the degradation of the color of the film over the course of a year.

  • Sam the Deaf

    So, how are their healthy? :o

  • lloyd

    :) This guys crazy, i love his other projects too, such as being outside for a year.

    While I’m not sure if they fall under ‘art’ they are defiantly impressive!

  • Photos By Rikki

    He never changed clothes?

  • JulieQ

    No, that’s not crazy. That’s not having anything better to do. 

  • TekAng 

    Was he an inmate? :p

  • Aydensgrace

    I think he did, he simply put the overshirt off for the photograph. Every so often you can see that he has a black or white shirt on underneath.

  • Choo

    “oops, i forgot to take the lens cap off”

  • Deb Moran

    What impresses me more is that this was done in 1980-81… no computer to help him.

  • Jacqui Dee

    I did a once a day project and was told about this one. Rumour has it, he’d basically lost it by the end of the year…

  • Coaxialav

    The Perfect soundtrack song for this piece gotta be “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” by Wang Chung! 

  • Eduardo Mueses

    This is like watching hair grow…. Oh Wait, It’s!

  • Shariful Fadzli

  • Giovanna Tucker

    Weird, that means for a whole year he didn’t go out to work, go see friends, go to the movies or out for dinner or sleep for more than a hour at a time!