Android Ice Cream Sandwich Packs Big Camera Improvements

The latest version of Android, called “Ice Cream Sandwich”, was unveiled by Google and Samsung in Hong Kong this morning, and they’ve focused a great deal on improving the gallery and camera aspects of the mobile OS. There is indeed built-in photo editing now, allowing users to do everything from crop and rotate to adjust levels and remove red eyes. There are also a number of Instagram-style filters that can be applied to photos. Adjustments are non-destructive and stored in a file separate from the photo being edited.

The camera has also been upgraded with zero shutter lag, touch-to-focus with exposure lock, panorama stitching, 1080p recording, and time-lapse video mode. The UI has been improved with a digital zoom slider, and many of the editing options (including red eye removal) can be used in “live view”. The war between smartphones goes on, and photography continues to be one of the main battlegrounds.

Android 4.0 Platform Highlights [Android Developers]

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty excited about these improvements and hope to see them filter down to my HTC Inspire.

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    but does it have image stabilization? no matter how good the image quality it will still look like shit if the image is jumping all over

  • Anonymous

    They come with it built in already, it’s called “holding still.”

    Stabilization is pointless with camera phones, the focal length is no where near needing that kind of tech integrated.

    And it’s a camera phone, the image will be shit regardless.

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    I’m talking about stabilization for video. seems like the iphone4s does a decent job for stabilization. 

  • Anonymous

    Get a iPhone then. You’re not going to see all the stuff they packed into a standalone Apple product in an Android OS update.

    Or get a camcorder. They still make those.

  • @ticus

    On behalf of all Android users everywhere, we would like to apologize for the douchebaggery that you have received from “ChristianRudman”, and we would like to assure you that not all Android users are that asshatted.

    Good day.