Canon and Nikon May Both Announce New DSLRs by Month’s End

The rumblings in the rumor mill are getting stronger, and it seems like there’s a good chance that we’ll be seeing new DSLRs announced by both Canon and Nikon by the end of the month. Craig Blair over at Canon Rumors says that he knows with near certainty that Canon will be announcing a new full frame DSLR on October 18th. The camera is rumored to pack between 16-18 megapixels, have ISO that goes up to 51,200, shoot at high speeds (possibly between 12-14fps), and have 61 AF points.

At the same time, Nikon Rumors is saying that Nikon usually announces new products around the same time as Canon, and that a Nikon D800 unveiling on October 26th seems very likely. The D800 is rumored to be a 36MP camera…

Image credit: Nikon D40 & Canon 350d (Digital Rebel XT) by Ian Hampton

  • Anonymous

    FYI, the Nikon rumor was announced first.  And it seems like a breakdown of the NR would be applicable here, no?  I mean, 36mp FX sensor…even the folks at Canon Rumors are starting to sweat.

  • Michael Zhang

    Righto. Wrote it on last week (, but the post has been updated mentioning the fact. Thanks!

  • JacobRoy Photos

    Big sensor doesn’t equal to better pictures….
    And you can’t compare a 1D Mk 5 to a D800
    It’s like : Canon 5D against 1D or Nikon D700 against D3X

    BTW: ISO 51K is a HUGE number!

  • Anonymous

    Actually, your statement is slightly incomplete.  Big sensor doesn’t NECESSARILY mean better pictures. 

    However, the D3x is hands down the king of both the hi-resolution AND image quality at that resolution level.  It trumps the Canon 21mp sensor, and smokes the Sony whatever-it’s-called.  

    If 36mp is the natural successor to Nikon’s previous 24mp offering, expect to be surprised and very likely impressed. 

    Still, 36mp is a TON of data, and probably more than 95%+ photographers will need for any practical application.  Are there fringe cases?  Of course.  But most people will be jockeying way more data than they need.  Thank heaven Nikon offers a lossless and lossy compressed RAW format.  36mp files at the cost of 16mp files from other camera makers.  

    Low light is where it’s at for the vast majority of photographers, as Nikon has proven.  I hope this isn’t a move entirely away from the huge competitive advantage they have in that area.  I suspect we’ll see both a hi-res camera and a hi-ISO player as well in the coming year.  Things are getting HOT!

  • Photographer in Calgary

    Does Sony make Nikon sensors?

  • Igogosh

    Really smokes:)? Just made me smile, man. It’s called a900 and a850 both 3x cheaper than Nikon D3x – pun intended. Sony made sensor is on D3x. 
     Lots of Nikon users switched to A900 and Sony/Zeiss glass for that reason for wedding work

  • Shawn Richter

    36Mp = really, really awesome 5x7s.

  • Anonymous

    Ooohh, Just wanted to respond. I thoroughly loved your post. Keep up the great work. :)

  • Matt

    Love the competition, 36mp will be nice.  But, it is getting to the point where photoraphers skills will not be able to make full use of that kind of resolution.  So, hopefully they will start exploiting other areas like the great strides in high ISO.  

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, smokes.

    Sony fabbed the sensor, but it’s certainly not the same as Sony’s sensor.  This is the problem with so many folks today looking at specs on paper.  The real world results make a significant difference in most cases.  Unfortunately, most people don’t even know how to analyze results, let alone look for them in the first place.  

    For instance, the A900 exhibits inferior performance compared to the D3x when it comes to noise, but that’s not even the whole story.  The D900 also falls drastically short in color rendering and detail.  Not to mention the other issues with Sony’s ergonomics, bodies, and features.  Sony is a circus act, and they know the only way they can get market share is by slashing prices and turning the camera market into another one of their consumer electronics sideshows. 

    I’m always intrigued by folks that rationalize buying inferior, low grade gear because it costs less than the reasonably priced, high quality stuff.  I also question your assumption about ‘lots of nikon users’.  Most photogs don’t come even close to needing 24mp, and the ones that genuinely do are in the position to afford it — rather, the competency of their skill and quality of their work affords it for them.  When someone bawls on about not being able to afford the D3x but needing 24mp, I seriously question their need, competency, and ego.  

    Most people picking up an A77, for instance, aren’t those who understand how to judge good image quality.  Same went for the A900.  Most of the folks picking up the 24mp Sony’s were looking to pick up tons of MP for bargain basement prices, NOT gear that would enable them to produce the highest quality images.  They’re the folks looking to outspec the next guy.  And for what?  So their mediocre snapshots could be more mediocre at 2x the size?  No thanks.

  • Erc Esterle

    36MP is ridiculous for 98% of the population! I’m a D3x shooter and really don’t want Nikon to go the Airbus A380 route on their next professional body. I’d rather see a blend between the D3x and D3s with performance improvements and noise reduction. Based on the Cannon EOS-1Dx, their Boeing route seems to be a good compromise between the two. If you really need more MP, move up to a true medium format camera. I’ve got 128GB of Sandisk 90MB/s storage right now. I won’t upgrade my storage and processing infrastructure for 36MP. It’s simply not worth it.

  • Anonymous

    One potential explanation to consider is Nikon’s patent filing in 2006 for a true RGB sensor (thanks to NikonRumors for digging it up again).  

    The noteworthy part comes in when one considers what 36mp/(1(RGB)) equals.  That’s right, 12mp.  So, while it’s a bit of a long shot that this sensor is actually a non-bayer (true RGB) 12mp output sensor, it’s not necessarily more of a stretch than 36mp output.