Bizarre Portraits Showing Parents and Kids with Swapped Heads

Advertising photographer Paul Ripke‘s project “Man Babies” features portraits of parents with their children… with their heads swapped. Ripke enlisted the help of two professional Photoshoppin’ friends, and says that the photographs were purely for fun and to test the limits of Photoshop.

You can find more photographs from this series over on Ripke’s website.

Paul Ripke’s “Man Babies” (via Beautiful/Decay)

Image credits: Photographs by Paul Ripke and used with permission

  • timo musgrove

    4th one down is definetly awesome

  • Eric Allison

    I think this is an accurate yet artistic way of showing the maturity level of some parents. :)

  • Vee

    Creepy, disturbing crap.

  • Mike

    I am now experiencing a deep and lasting insanity…

  • Nick has been around for quite some time…wonder where he got the idea from.

  • Aus_Guy

    Lighten up or ya know, go away?

  • Aus_Guy

    So what. Clearly his images are far more professional.

  • Vee

    Why? Do we only have to post nice comments only? People with taste have a voice too.

  • miitha m

    freaking cool :)

  • Sebastián Soto

    Now THIS is creepy, not the baby-in-adult-clothes like the other day.

    Awesome, though.

  • Guest

    Has no one really heard of 

  • Abdul Hassan

    This is wrong on all levels :/

  • Getting closer every day

    This is what Alzheimers looks like.

  • NormalAdult

    People who enjoy / “like ” this are delusional troubled humans. If in fact they are parents, I worry, very much, about the welfare of their children. Some peole should not breed, these are those people.

  • Marja

    Hilarious!  They’re so wrong. — they have stuff like this in their Photoshop Phriday contests. It seems like they’ve done this there before, too.

  • Peter Reynolds

    Creepy and disturbing are valid comments. Saying it’s crap adds little to the discussion. It’s not necessary to be nice, but being polite is respectful to both the artist and everyone on this forum.