How to Make a Photo Showing “Little People” on a Bookshelf

Photo enthusiast Robert Simpson created this informative behind-the-scenes video detailing how he created a composite photograph showing tiny children running along a bookshelf. Although a ton of planning and preparation went into the shot, everything was done at home on a small budget rather than in a fancy studio. This may inspire you to dream a little bigger using your current resources.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Robert C Richmond

    Very very good.  Not a project I would seek for my agenda – that is why it is so great.  That you share your creativity with folks on different tracks.  Who knows, maybe this will surface an entice me years from now.  Thank you very much.


  • Giovanna

    Really interesting and what a great photo, thanks!

  • Winston

    Neat project, but with all the preparation that went into this anyway, they probably could have just built some giant book spines while they’re at it.

  • Ginger Child

    love it, thank you! facinating!