Pinhole Photos That Show a Day in the Life of a Mouth

Mouthpiece is a series of photographs by photographer Justin Quinell in which he documents some of his life’s experiences as seen by his mouth. The photographs were captured using a custom pinhole camera created from a 110 film cartridge. It’s a unique perspective of the world that we don’t often see in photographs.

Ann Hamilton is another photographer who has experienced with mouth photography.

Mouthpiece (via Flavorwire)

Image credits: Photographs by Justin Quinell and used with permission

  • Spider- Man

    creative but disgusting…

  • Mr. Brimm

    A dental cleaning is required.

  • Anonymous

    Are these self portraits? They are portraits in side someone? 

  • hammond

    wth is that black spider-looking thing on the toothbrush in the last image?

  • Kati Byrne

    I didn’t realise spiders were into toothpaste! Or is the photographer into spiders toothpaste?

  • James Robinson

    WHEEEYYY!!! Justin came to my University last week to do a 4 hour lecture and pinhole workshop! the man is a walking genius, so inspired from not only his work, but his whole mentality

  • Jessica

    seriously lets hope he was at the dentist…teeth are looking rough

  • Magali

    Creative but weird. Reaaallllly weird.