Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera System Will Pack “Premium” Sensor, Not M4/3

The Fuji Guys sent out a tweet today saying that the company’s upcoming interchangeable lens mirrorless camera will not have a Micro Four Thirds sensor inside:

X Series Interchangeable lens system not = M4/3 nor current mirrorless cams. X series will be “premium” cameras!

From what’s being said, it sounds like the company is focusing on sensor size and image quality — good news for serious photographers. People have been begging for an X100-style camera with interchangeable lenses since that camera was announced, and Fujifilm likely isn’t ignorant of that fact.

They also state that the “X Series” is for the company’s “premium” cameras. If that’s the case, what’s with the X-S1 that they just announced, and it’s puny 2/3-inch sensor?

Here’s a second tweet posted to the account today:

It’s curious that they mentioned “X100″ twice. Is that a typo? Perhaps the new camera will be called the “X1″ or the “X1000″. We’ll find out soon enough — the company is planning to spill the beans at CES 2012 in early January.

(via Photo Rumors)

  • Anonymous

    Good news since it was looking like the dev team was taking backward steps down from the X100 through to the XS-1. I think the double mention was merely a typo at best.

    Now for them to actually produce a product rather than just hype it and blow funds on soulless projects like the XS-1…

  • Asylum Photo

    The XS-1 makes no sense… maybe there will be an X line and an XS line?

  • jim

    Sounds like an XS of digits to me.

  • Justin Javellana
  • pl capeli

    the x 100 which i own is a hit.. the x10 even with a smaller sensor will be a hit

    but the xs1 is simply a bridge camera , it has a place in a camera lineup, just not next to
    the x100 and x 10 imho 

  • xfile