Fujifilm to Release an Interchangeable Lens Mirrorless Camera in Early 2012

If you’ve been wishing for an interchangeable lens version of the popular Fujifilm X100, then this news should be music to your ears: Fujifilm has just announced that it will launch a new interchangeable lens mirrorless camera system in the spring of 2012. CEO Shigetaka Komori stated that both the resolution and the low noise levels would be better than 35mm full frame sensors. Judging from the popularity of the X100’s retro look, it would be a smart move for the company to launch something similar, except with interchangeable lenses.

(via DC Watch via digicame-info)

Image credit: Photograph by ITMedia

  • Anonymous

    WTF is that X-s1? drop it. Concentrate on the X200.

  • ro

    Due out this year, the X-s1 has a 26x zoom lens, 2/3″ EXR CMOS sensor, and high-resolution EVR.

  • Anonymous


  • Dnguyen

    Resolution and better noise levels than 35mm full frame sensors? You mean medium format? Large format? Don’t have to take it that far… Just 35mm full frame sensor or aps-c please.


    WOW WHEN??