Breathtaking Time-Lapse Video of Arizona and Utah Landscapes

Time-lapse guru Dustin Farrell recently released this epic video showing the stunning landscapes of Arizona and Utah. Every single frame in the video was a still photo captured with a Canon 5D Mark II.

(via planet5D)

  • Tatiana

    I in delight!

  • Vee

    Please PP, enough with these twitchy, over-processed HDR time-lapse videos. Please. Also, please stop with the cuteness – no more pillows made from film canisters, or earings made from film. Please PP. Get serious.

  • Asdas

    It’s filler… if you don’t like it then don’t read it!

  • lorenzo

    It’s deep-touching, got absolutely hypnotized seeing it, thank you Dustin for such an inspiring work!

  • Ronlushn2009

    found the relay to my computor jerky but what I could see of it looked facinating

  • Dan Stone

    im think the “ooh pretty” time lapses are a bit overkilled now but that one is def one of the best, some of it looked like crispy 3D! def watch in HD and full screen, very nice!

  • gno

    Glorious video as if like a part of a movie. Some parts pop out making it look like a 3D.

  • Gwha

    Overcooked crap

  • Aziza Ansari

    Great piece – you are very talented Dustin!

  • guest

    Please Vee, feel free to create a blog that posts only and exactly the things you like. Please.

  • Dustin Farrell

    Not sure what ‘twitchy’ means.  Only about 6 or 7 of the shots were HDR. Maybe your comments would carry more weight if you ever said anything positive about a person’s hard work.

  • Carolinezhang9

    Omg I luv the music

  • jeff

    Whenever I’ve had enough of a bad day, I turn to this to remind me that the world is a beautiful place. Thank you.

  • Mesa_trip

    Me too…WOW!

  • KateLE

    Watched this dozens of times (as an Arizona resident). Still mesmerized. Beautiful work. You capture the spirit of the place.