The African Elephant Durability Test for Camera Gear

In this social media age, companies are constantly dreaming up all kinds of random ideas for demonstrating the benefits of their products, and hoping that the videos will go viral (an example would be this bulletproof glass CEO that literally stood behind his product). A couple of years ago, Phase One wanted to demonstrate the durability of its digital backs for medium format cameras, so they came up with the “African Elephant Durability Test.” The test proved conclusively that if you’re going into environments where elephants might be looking to stomp on your camera, don’t bring along your $14,000+ Hasselblad back — bring a Phase One back instead!

Camera review sites should start subjecting the latest DSLRs to this test. It’d certainly be an interesting addition to camera reviews.

(via Fstoppers)

  • François Cellier

    Actually, this is useful.
    Last week, there was a circus in town, I took my camera to take some pictures of the parade.
    A bearded warf came unexpectedly and jostled me while I was taking out my camera gear from my bag. The camera fell down and an elephant who was coming ran over it.
    Fortunately there was no lens in it, but I need to buy a new DSLR and this one seems quite interesting to me.

  • Kalyan

    This is crap. Why use a wild animal for something like this ?

  • Dean

    This is bullshit. Elephant’s feet are amazingly soft and they never put much weight on a single foot. An elephant once walked on the foot of one of my friends and it didn’t even hurt. That’s not a test, that’s stupid…

  • Charles Mason

    … are you serious?

  • Simeon Pilgrim

    My dilemma is that the phase one was stood on in the middle of the foot, and shown elephant standing in a single shot, but the Hasselblad is placed in the middle of the foot (40s mark) and then is a different angle at the back/side of the foot braking. So there’s no continuity of shoot that the “same” procedure was applied.

    Would make more sense to do drop on to concrete test, as see what high both devices could handle.