Men Photographed in Stereotypical Pin-Up Poses

“Men-ups!” is a humorous project by photographer Rion Sabean featuring men doing pin-up-style poses. It’s interesting how much more absurd some poses instantly look when they’re being done by men.

There are a couple more photos that can be seen in this Flickr set.

Men-ups! (via Lost At E Minor)

Image credits: Photographs by Rion Sabean and used with permission

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  • Cold body non-twink

    I think the absurdity is the point.

  • Marf

    For me the emotion it gave me was a smile and I had a good laugh. Art can do that to. Yes the pursed lips or duckface (my new word now thanks guys)!! Seeing gals who use that expression on their FB status will never be the same for me, I will forever refer to them as duckface LOL.

  • Adesola Samuels

    I thought I’d see bikinis along the way :(

  • MissKim

    I like it! It’s the idea that these photos were kept in womens wallets just as the classic pinup girls photos were in mens.

  • D Nelson

    While the poses are very unnatural and absurd, there is a reason they are used with women (and why they look utterly laughable with men). The poses accentuate and bring focus to the most attractive aspects of the physical female form. What makes these so absurd is not only that it is men in the poses (whose physical characteristics are very different from women (men don’t have the same fat deposits or muscle structure women do), but the men are dress… in unflattering clothing and holding “manly men” props. Of course they are going to make people laugh.

    The poses are based on those used by artists for centuries. However, some of the details (resting fingertips on the knees, the pouting “duck” lips, etc) have been added and used more in modern pin-up photography for men’s magazines which tries to play up the “coy”, “innocent”, “helplessness” of the supposed male fantasy of the ideal woman (which is usually far from what a man actually looks for in a partner).

    You could use a classic painter’s pose (say Bottocelli’s Venus from the Renaissance masterpiece “Birth of Venus”) – put a man in the pose wearing Army fatigues or holding a power drill and you would get the same laughs).

    So while it does say something about the absurdity of modern pin-up poses, it actually says more about our views of the masculine and feminine, and the valid differences between the male and female form.

  • C W

    Everybody seems cute enough.

  • JonnyForever

    Maybe she means educated intelligent people by “elite.” That’s how I think of the term in relation to people. And I don’t see it at all derogatory. Being intelligent & informed is a good thing. 

  • hotblonde

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  • Muffinatjv

    i find the props completely unnecessary. its like the artist is saying “no homo”.

  • somebody

    you’re stupid, freedom of speach means what it is.  The freedom to speak, anytime, anywhere.  Just because what people say isn’t usually the socially accepted norm, doesn’t give them any less right to say it.

  • Pyritie


  • lichencomputer

    You can say what you want but you still have to deal with people reacting to what you say.

  • Jessie Ngaio

    Ok I think I get it….

    “Freedom of speech” means “people are free to make stupid, ignorant comments but other people aren’t allowed to argue with them”.

    Excellent, thanks for clearing that up.

  • Mal

    I think the photos are attempting to point out that sterotypical femininity is a social construct. The poses that women are required to make in pin-up modelling are not natural human poses. It’s all about accentuating sterotypical traits of femininty that turn men on – women
    as adoring, infantalised, submissive, easily accesible etc. It has nothing to do with accentuating curves. What has making making the ‘duckface’ got to do with curves? What has a wide open mouth or coy facial expressions got to do with curves? Most women don’t even have such curves to begin with, except relative to men. It’s just a fantasy perpetuated by the likes of Vargas, whose drawings of women possess dimensions that are actually not humanly possible, except maybe with the help of invasive plastic surgery. I think these photos make a great point about how we’ve absorbed and normalised ridiculous ideas about what it is to be female or more accurately, ‘feminine’. Very telling photos, with great humour as well. I like.

  • Guest

    They’re not naked. If they were women, they would be. Or close to it.

  • MM

    Insert random troll comment about how ugly / fat they all are.

  • Jani

    Clever idea, made me chortle!  You haters need to chill out, really……using the anonymity of the internet to be an arse to somebody isn’t big or clever.

  • Jani

    Clever idea, made me chortle!  You haters need to chill out, really……using the anonymity of the internet to be an arse to somebody isn’t big or clever.

  • and then some

    or  anorexic and strung out

  • Ladyanon

    You are in fact incorrect here. This is a private forum, therefore your “speach” read speech can be censored or removed. Also freedom of speech has limitions even in the public forum in the effect of slander/libel, obscenity and incitement of criminal activity.

    I would also avoid using the term stupid when you cannot even spell the speech you hold so dear.

  • tinman

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  • Harry Cunningham

    But you still felt the need to comment on something that was “too long” (for your presumably short attention span) and didn’t read? How insightful.

  • jaybeebrad

    It’s a bit of a statement on its own that people automatically find these funny rather than sexy just because the men are in stereotypically femme poses. The message there being that men cannot be sexy if they are being effeminate. Which I would whole-heartedly disagree with.

  • Barbarous

    I actually don’t think people know this. At least not all people. If that was the case, the comment would have been phrased differently. I know what the commenter was trying to say, but I think it’s worth pointing out that there are better (clearer) ways to say it.

  • igglanova

    None of the poses here would actually accentuate the ‘female form’ (otherwise known as T&A to people who aren’t pretentious knobs) more than the male one.  One of the points of images like these is to reveal how much of the gendered body language etc. we see around us is not actually natural.  E.g. an exaggerated spine curvature can just as easily be interpreted as implying a pelvic thrust, thereby emphasizing these fellows’ packages, as it could be rationalized as mimicking the kind of pelvic lordosis that indicates female receptiveness.  And anyway, just because you don’t particularly enjoy admiring men’s sumptuous asses doesn’t mean that other people don’t.  Assal emphasis is a perfectly reasonable goal in pinup imagery, regardless of gender.

  • CJ

    Thank you for the information. I enjoy nearly all forms of art, but had no idea some of this history.

    I like the photos. I find them a pretty interesting statement about the perception of the female body in media.

  • onanymousse

    i’m no expert on pinups, but i’m quite sure none of the girls in traditional pinups were anorexic. most of them were rather voluptuous.

  • K Fulford

    Funny stuff. These poses are ridiculous even when done by women, though!

  • Me

    Not really a private forum when anyone can reply.

    Freedom of speech is always censored by the public media… doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right. Just means someone with more power removed your right. The OP had the right to say what he wanted, as did Steve in his remark. Both had freedom to say what they thought, or reply to another post.

    So in fact, freedom of speech in itself has no limitations. Those were added by people who wear their feelings on their sleeve. Originally you were responsible yourself for your actions.

    Also Obscenity? Really? You must not visit too many forums. Obscenity takes place in just about every forum I have seen.

    BTW, limitations, is spelled as such… not limitions, sense you want to correct people on grammar.

    So before going off on someone without in fact knowing what you are talking about, perhaps you should check your own self. Which seems to be the problem with most people.

    BTW, next time use another source to argue your facts than from Wiki.

  • Grant Birch

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  • Anonymous

    Ha ha ha ha!! Good one, Makings. You put that self-righteous lez with no sense of humor in her place. What an existence?!

  • visitor

    Therefor freedom of speech does not exist. If it were true freedom of speech, people would be allowed to voice ANY opinion that they had, regardless of the latest dictates of political correctness. You can’t say anything negative or critical without offending one person or another. Its not freedom of speech if it is censored.

  • Michael

    Yea, I think you put it very well.

    What men (usually) find sexy, is not the same as what women (usually) find sexy. Of course everyone is different, and they all have their own opinions of ‘what’s sexy’. But the fact is that straight men and women are wired differently.

  • Stacey Townsend

    I would buy that calendar!

  • Hieronymo

    I learned in the eighties that “elite” is a term used for ninja warriors, secret commandos, and lovable (albeit misunderstood) mercenaries.  I’m pretty sure that the word is being used in the same context above.

  • Shambles84

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  • Guest

    Freedom of speech has nothing to do with people disagreeing with you.  Holy-crap,  So in your mind, you do not have complete freedom of “speach” until others completely agree with you?  It sounds to me, like someone needs to study some constitutional law and get a good pair of gloves, because you my friend, are losing your grip on reality. I have to agree with the uptight gay: you’re acting a fool.  

    I know I should probably know better than to comment on an internet forum, with the feeding of the trolls, and all…

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  • Ladyanon

    I wrote quickly, I apologize for my mistype. I did not call somebody else stupid though. I was merely pointing out that the poster was throwing stones from her glass house. I also corrected her spelling, not her grammar. They are two different things.

    You are misinterpreting the usage of public and private here. This is not a public forum. Just because something is open for everyone to use does not mean it is a public place. Anyone, who follows the rules of a grocery store can walk in and conduct their business. A grocery store is not then considered a public place in the legal sense of the word. It is a private premises. In the SAME effect this site is owned by a company and therefore it is a private location, whether it can be accessed by the public or not. That company has the right to censor what is written here as they see fit.

    Yes, Obscenity is not protected by freedom of speech. Just because a law is not enforced does not mean it is not in place. Try standing in front of a police station shouting profanities (see state law to find out which profanities are illegal) at the passers by and see if Freedom of Speech is truly your right to say anything, anywhere.

  • Male_bimbo

    True, and I dare say it’s a damn shame that they didn’t have one in a capri-panted sailor uniform to wantonly expose their ankles. :O

  • Jimmyjimbob200

    I think everyone needs to un-bunch their underware, have a laugh and move on.

  • ingalicious

    simply amazing!

  • Arinen

    True, but the point is that in fashion magazines, most male models appear androgynous and often the assumption is that they are gay, pc or not. The reason this is such a successful parody is because all of these men have been very obviously dressed to appear masculine in order to create a strong contrast with the pinups. Let’s be honest, these guys aren’t ridiculously machismo, but presented in a way that they are enough so to succeed in this instance.

  • Marcus

    I’m a man, and I would have sex with any of the men in these photos, and I betcha a few of them would consent.

  • guest

    way to expain without being a self-righteous douche!! ;)

  • guest

    serously people, do you live for bickering in comment forums? go outside and run around.  Jeese!

  • guest

    Thanks for actually talking about the photos and not bickering about the constitution!



  • Anonymous

    Hey Nate, why bother being such an ass? I did not see anyone claiming that this was the highly original of a photographic visionary. If you don’t like it that’s fine. Why go through the trouble of being a dick?