Pentax Now Officially a Ricoh Company

Back in July, we reported that Hoya had agreed to sell the Pentax camera business to Ricoh for roughly $124 million. The deal was completed over this past weekend, and now the business is officially called the “Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company”. Ricoh wanted Pentax — currently the 10th largest digicam brand — for its SLR technologies, so we might be seeing some increased activity from Ricoh and Pentax in the DSLR market very soon.

Image credit: big bang by { pranav }

  • will hall

    PRIC? does that have the same meaning in American as it does in English?

  • lloyd -

    I totally read that as Pentax Now Officially a Rich Company

  • jim

    I was about to post the very same remark. :-)

  • Petchalxander

    Hahaha they’ve done a “Trotter’s Independent Trader’s” :p

  • Marty

    Hopefully Ricoh will actually add value to the brand rather than let it stagnate like Hoya did.