How to Wirelessly Tether Your Camera to an iPad Using an Eye-Fi Card

Here’s a quick tutorial in which photographer Lee Morris shows how you can wirelessly tether your camera to an iPad using an Eye-Fi card. Previously, you had to jailbreak your iPad to get this setup working, but now you can quickly set up a connection for transferring images to your iPad as you shoot them.

(via Fstoppers via DIYPhotography)

  • Dave P

    You missed the extra step? Getting the wedding photos off the iPad
    to my main machine? iPad to (non mac) isn’t quite so easy??

    Great link though. Thanks.

  • Stopper

    Curious what resolution of image he was shooting and transferring.  Transferring a high megapixel raw image isn’t that snappy for me.

  • Merv Wignall

    The files will still be on the card inside the camera, just like any other card you shoot.

  • Michael Björnlycke

    “You can shoot RAW + Jpeg on the Eye-Fi card and tell it to only transfer the Jpegs to the iPad”

  • HD Cam Team

    Very cool setup and quick tutorial!


  • Guest

    Tethering is generally considered to mean controlling the camera remotely…so this isn’t tethering at all IMO, since you still need to set the controls & press the shutter on the camera itself.

  • Kevin

    Great setup for camera that use SD card.. how bout for those that uses CF card?

  • Photo Sharing

    with album+ you can do this AND send the files wirelessly to a custom gallery

  • Aus_Guy

    You can buy adapters :) Google is your friend.

  • Sdad

    How many superfluous words did he “go ahead” and use?

  • Carlos David

    Even under Windows the IPAD shows up as a storage device with a DCIM Folder where all the pics reside.

  • Loïc Van Gaver

    Does this work with all the Eye-fi cards or just the one labeled “PRO” ?

  • Dale

    If I shoot a Canon 5D Mark ll with an CF adaptor and have my setting set at RAW/JPEG.  Will the IPad just download the JPEG and not the RAW files.  I just want the IPad to be a monitor.  Waiting for a RAW file to download would take to long.