Get a Free 16×20 Photo Poster at Walmart

Awesome deal alert (for those of you in the US): Walmart is offering a free 16×20 photo poster print. These things normally cost $13 or $14 bucks, and are a great way to show off a photo on your wall. Download the coupon here to print out yourself. You’ll need to place the order through Walmart’s photo site and then pay at the counter when picking it up. The coupon expires at the end of October, so you have a month to pick out your favorite photo.

FREE 16×20 poster (via NSOP)

P.S. Before placing your order, it might be a good idea to call your local Walmart to double-check that they’ll accept this coupon.

  • Dannynoonan82

    Don’t set your hopes too high, either. My experience with these places is that the kids they hire to run the counter have no idea how to even run an alignment on those big printers, and it shows in the results. Most are doing it with a big Epson. I tried it once and wasn’t too impressed. Shop around online with actual printers for what a print this size costs – professional, mountable quality costs a lot more. Just don’t think you’re going to get a museum piece out of Walmart. 

  • Kaitlin

    Your link for “Walmart’s photo site” goes right back to Petapixel’s post about a memory card shaped photo album….proper link might be useful?

  • Travis

    As a guy who worked at walmart for over 3 years I can honestly say don’t trust your print to last long… for the most part, when I was there at very least, everything was thermal printing.  Smooth white looked like a light grey topographic map covered in vomit and certainly is not archival.  Stick to a place that pays higher than below minimum wage and chances are you will find someone who a) knows what they are doing, and b) care about their job.

  • cjdaniel

    Until the link gets fixed, here’s what it’s supposed to link to:

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for catching that Kaitlin. Link has been fixed

  • Anonymous

    To the naysayers, what do you expect for free…  If it’s not good enough for you then mount it and donate it to your church bazaar/garage sale.  Someone will appreciate it and the church will do something good with the money.

  • guest

    This is a fake. went there today and they said they won’t accept it but they won’t charge you for it unless you want to buy it full of charge

  • Sdkj

    That last guy, Guest, makes NO sense what so ever… I can see why they didn’t take it, they couldn’t understand what you wanted hahaha

  • Heidiferrinsimmons

    I got mine the other day! It looks great!

  • Toni

    going to get mine at the end of the week hopefully. even if it doesnt turn out perfect, its FREE so we shouldnt be complaining.