‘Evolution of Cameras’ Tattoo Creation Shown Through Stop-Motion

Crazy about photography, web designer and aspiring commercial photographer Dabe Alan decided to get a sleeve tattoo showing the evolution of cameras. He documented the process by creating stop-motion videos in which the artwork magically appears on his arm. The videos show 12 hours of sitting in the tattoo parlor, and comprise 2713 separate photographs shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and 24-70mm lens.

  • Henning Nilsen

    35mm film roll, 120 film TLR camera.

  • Igogosh

    what a disaster to the body! I get it – the guy loves his trade. Ta-Too’s were used to show allegiance to a certain group of people. Getting something classy done at some point maybe great but this is an overkill

  • Micah Caputo

    I have a photography sleeve. Shoulder to wrist. 

  • Bra6y G

    What an edjit!

  • TylerIngram

    What happens if he switches to Nikon? Might get a bit disappointed having a Canon dSLR tat ;) Should have made a hybrid Nikon/Canon dSLR ;)