A Day in the Life of Fashion Photographer Peter Stigter

Here’s an interesting behind-the-scenes video that shows what a workday is like for fashion photographer Peter Stigter.

It’s a hectic job, being a runway photographer. Racing through the city, meeting editors, dragging your box up and down the stairs, getting you equipment ready. And then, finally the show starts. Suddenly everything becomes quiet.

It’d be awesome if every professional photographer made a video like this to give people a glimpse into their lives. If you know of any similar videos for other photographers, link us to them in the comments!

(via ISO 1200)

  • Vee

    Waste of a minute and a half. Am I supposed to feel sorry for him? Amazed by him? This doesn’t tell me anything. Nothing. Nada.

  • Charles Mason

    how come you need to be told how to feel? it’s a look into what one particular photographer’s job involves. you can make your own judgements

  • José T.

    This guy looks more like a untalented hipster. What kind of case is that for a shitty 70-300? Come on, you can’t be serious about that.

  • BZ

    As an amateur photographet, I found it to be quite interesting. As a professional musician, I can relate.



  • BZ

    As a mediocre proofreader I would like to correct my spelling for photographer

  • Eli Snook

    Looked quite boring, seemed to be very limited as to how he can shoot.  Same shot each time, wasn’t all that impressed. 

  • Melo

    Photographers want to learn about other photographer’s processes, methods, techniques.  This video offered none of that.  And as a photographer that has photographed runway fashion… a monkey could do it.  Stand at the end of the runway, when someone walks out, take a picture.  And you’re taking the same photograph as the other 30 guys surrounding you.  Pointless video.

  • B Smith Images

    I’m sorry but I have to laugh at him saying, “It’s a hectic job, being a runway photographer. Racing through the city,
    meeting editors, dragging your box up and down the stairs, getting you
    equipment ready.” Come on Pete you have a comfy job, at least your not a steel mill worker or a photojournalist in a war zone.

    I have to say it’s a nice “day in the life” snapshot of a photographer, but saying he is having a tough time shooting the runway and driving around? Give me a break.

  • ISO 1200 Magazine

    Thanks to to share our post.

  • William Brawley

    Despite what other people thought, I liked the video a lot. Being both a photographer and a video editor, I mainly focused on the editing of the video. I thought it was very cool.

  • Anthony Luke

    He’s not a fashion photographer. He’s shoots runway stuff. Not nearly the same thing folks. Boring none creative stuff. zzzzzz

  • Richard

    I too liked the video a lot. As a retired consultant I can totally relate to the logistical nightmare that is travel and set up, then you’re “performing” (shooting, talking, playing) and are in a zone, then back to the logistics of travel, then a drink with friends.

    Anyone who travels internationally with a lot of gear, especially post 9/11 knows the drudgery of logistics.

    I thought his wheelie case for gear was an excellent idea for movement between jobs: simple, secure, predictable and best of all, checkable on a plane if he needs to.