Xume Quick Release Adapter Takes the Pain Out of Changing Filters

Tired of having to screw lens filters on and off? The Xume Quick Release Adapter is a new filter mounting system that turns your screw-on filters into snap-on ones. It uses powerful rare earth magnets, and consists of an adapter for your lens and a holder for each of your filters. People who use a single UV filter for protection might not benefit much from this system, but if you constantly find yourself switching between different filters then this adapter could take a lot of pain out of the process. They’ve only released a 77mm adapter so far, with the adapter priced at $33 and the holder priced at $12.

Xume: Filter Mounting System (via Xatakafoto)

  • Persio Pucci

    This looks extremely familiar. It looks like those “ding king” commercials where the moron scratches all over his car when trying to unlock the door.

    Although the product itslef looks like a good idea…

  • Dennis Marciniak

    Very interesting. Looking into their FAQs:

    What about vignetting?
    The rings are very low profile and slightly thicker than an average step ring. Most users will experience no vignetting with any but super wide lenses. Users shooting 24mm andwider should expect slight vignetting. MAny find it an acceptable tradeoff for the convenience of using the adapters. 

    So any wider than 24mm and it vignettes?

    Also this kind of worried me:

    The adapters should theoretically be kept away from magnetic tapes, credit card stripes, magnetically coded ID badges, CRT displays and computer monitors, cassettes, videotapes, and any other magnetic media

    Those two things make me feel like screwing the thread might just be worth it.

  • Tatyana Skymyrka

    i was thinking the same thing about vignetting.
    would love to see the results with that mounted on a stepping ring, although, it seems that all they have is 77mm for now

  • Mauricio Munuera

    Clever idea. But I think very few people change filters constantly nowadays. I, for myself, only use UV and Polarizer on my digital. But it might be very useful for film cameras.

  • Jesse Cablek

    I know what you’re saying – if they need to stay away from so many things due to strong magnets, then shouldn’t they stay away from the camera body AND the camera lens that have electronics in them too?

  • Kendon McBright

    since when is there anything in a camera that could be harmed by magnetism?

  • Kendon McBright

    i don’t even use uv filters, and i would love it. it is a PITA to change the cpl between two lenses, then again, for the price of two holders plus one adapter i can almost get a second cpl (which doesn’t vignette for added benefit)…

  • Nate Parker

    how bout a Memory Card!@#$

  • Stephen Tucker

    These are stupid. I would never put something like this on the front of my camera. It is not that difficult to change screw-in filters. And what about putting a lens hood on the front of one of these. I would not trust the magnets to hold on the lens hood. 

  • Jeffrey Friedl

    Memory cards are not floppy disks… magnetic fields don’t bother memory cards.