Sony Offering to Fix Mysterious Clicking Noise for NEX-5N Owners

If you’re one of the many frustrated Sony NEX-5N owners who are experiencing a mysterious clicking noise when moving the camera around, hope for click-free video recording has finally arrived. Sony updated its support site yesterday acknowledging the issue:

We have received reports of a “clicking” sound which may be heard in the audio playback of movies recorded by the NEX-5N camera. This phenomenon occurs if the camera undergoes sudden motion while recording; motion generally inconsistent with smooth video recording. […] an adjustment has been developed to reduce the clicking sound resulting from sudden motion during movie recording.

Sony will offer this performance improvement to NEX-5N end users during the period of its limited warranty accompanying the product. Please call 888-868-7392 to arrange for this improvement.

So basically, if you insist on doing motions “inconsistent with smooth video recording”, just give Sony a call and they’ll give your camera the repair performance improvement it needs.

Performance Improvement for Video Capture (via Engadget)

Image credit: camera repair by zzkt

  • Bo Reidler

    Either there is an issue translating to English or Sony don’t really understand the problem. Apart from the obvious statement regarding inconsistency, this is not a “performance improvement” it is a “fix” for something that should never had gotten through quality control.

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  • blueberryraker

    I just had my 5n serviced for the click, and it’s working perfectly, no click.  It took 7 minutes on the phone, and 10 business day turn around.  Camera was spotless and really well packaged…costs nothing…so why complain?  Thanks to the click-fixers in Texas…