Brilliant Photo Printer Concept Lets You See What You Print

If Apple ever got into the photo printer business, this SWYP (“See What You Print”) printer might be similar to what they’d come up with. It’s a brilliant concept photo printer design by Artefact, the same design group that dreamed up the WVIL concept camera. Instead of having to send photos to the printer from a computer, users use a giant touchscreen interface that shows you exactly what’s going to pop out of the bottom. Come on SWYP, hurry up and exist!

  • Dr. gut. Chris

    So, ummm… it‘s like an iPad with a printer attached to it? XD

  • Anonymous

    So simple it isn’t going to happen. Sadly.

  • clem altnacht

    An iPad with an interface mixing iOS gestures, Metro grid and Lightroom tabs.

  • Dan

    Cute, but I’d rather save $300 and use my computer to print.

  • Brian

    Amazing how fast that thing can print!

    Actually, Apple did sell photo printers in the 1990’s.

  • Henning Nilsen

    The iPrint(money).

  • Dave

    Why pay for a single purpose screen? Very limited pp ability

  • Yamil Gonzales

    Is that Designing Web Usability by Jakob Nielsen on the pile of books? :P

  • Anonymous

    But, Still this looks more like Metro UI which uses for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7.

  • Paul Colton

    iPad with AirPrint, done.

  • timo musgrove

    the ui looks like the Microsoft (underline :P) zune. not apple….

  • Neil Brewitt

    What a shame they didn’t proof read their UI mockup. A glaring typo like “Boarders” really makes a slick presentation look cheap.

  • Neil Brewitt

    What a shame they didn’t proof read their UI mockup. A glaring typo like “Boarders” really makes a slick presentation look cheap.

  • PepsiAddict

    The concept is brilliant…the presentation is brilliant. What’s wrong is there are so many people only look for the negatives and not at the possibilities.

  • PepsiAddict

    Note to self…proofread before posting.

  • Guest

    Wow! Imagine if it had a camera too. .and was a phone!

    Honestly, what’s the market for such a ‘cool’ product? Photoaddicts who shoot only digitally and for some bizarre reason don’t own a computer or a tablet? A product needs to fit into the boundaries of reality.. this one doesn’t. It wouldn’t have mass appeal, making it too expensive as a consumer product. The interface should work for making prints at your local photo store though.

  • Scott

    I think I can hear Apples lawyers clasp their collective claws. “Oh wait, they use gestures, it has a simple OS, it’s black, and shaped like a common geometric object!….. Right boys, we have got patents on all that…. lets roll”

    It looks like a fantastic idea. I’m gonna be picky and say that the screen would be better if it was  matched to the printer colour output. 

  • Adam

    More pointless gimmicks. You know what, stop wasting energy making new crap that we don’t need, and instead go back and optimize the stuff we already have. Cheaper inks, more dynamic color, better paper, faster print speeds, THAT’S the kind of stuff that has actual value. Who the hell wants a printer with a baked-in IPad? Know what, my Canon photo printer has a USB slot that allows me to print directly off a USB key. How many times do you think I’ve used that feature?