Time-lapse Road Trip: A Photo Every 90 Seconds from Seattle to Maine

YouTube user smithje77 and his dog recently embarked on a cross-country road trip from Seattle to Maine (3,000+ miles!), and he decided to document the journey by programming his Droid X to snap a photograph every 90 seconds (the script is available here). Afterward, he took all the stills captured and combined them into one epic time-lapse video that shows what it’s like to drive from coast to coast.

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the most boring videos I’ve ever watched. Great concept, mind-numbingly dull result.

  • Gg


  • Anonymous

    Playing Skrillex during the video definitely enhances the experience :P

  • Martin Muriel

    :O chemtrails!

  • Raa

    I didn’t find this boring at all. Awesome vid!

  • Iphonerun

    I agree, boring.

  • Iphonerun

    I agree, boring.

  • will hall

    I did something similar a couple of year ago for a 1000km journey from south france to London. Done with a powershot and SHDK at something around 1fps as i found this was the longest interval that would give a smooth appearance. The twelve hour trip was compressed to half hour and put in 3 videos on youtube, first at . A bit lengthy maybe but whatever. certainly smoother than this.

  • Anonymous

    while I’m certainly not going to watch the whole half hour, I found this much more fun to watch than the video posted above

  • mrbeard

    possibly woule be more interesting if the camera wasnt pointed directly ahead

  • MIchaelinitaly

    boring boring boring.. I agree with mrbeard, a view out the side window might have been much nicer

  • Ikeabutt

    for someone born on the west coast, raised on the east coast, and lived everywhere in between at some point or another, it was trippy (no pun intended).

  • Anonymous

    Weird, they were only visible on the west coast, I have a hard time believing we are the only area being sprayed.