Ethereal Slowmo BASE Jumping Shot with GoPro and Slowed with Twixtor

Melbourne-based design studio Betty Wants In is at it again. They’ve created this stunning slow-mo video of BASE jumpers doing their thing — a perfect followup to the skydiving one they shared back in April. The footage was captured with GoPro cameras and then slowed down using Twixtor, just like the crazy wingsuit video we shared yesterday.

  • Matty


  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    So how much more advertising with GoPro get for free?

  • Letitbe

    Rly. The should use a D3x or a 5DmkII on top of their heads.

  • Andrew MacDonald

    It seems they have come from nowhere, yet are being mentioned at every turn this last 12 months.

    Not that I think its a problem that they are getting it ‘for free’. Its like with everything, if you make a great product, people will buy it and they will talk about it. If it was crap, people wouldn’t be using it, mentioning it, advertising it, etc etc. 

  • Claire


  • Claire


  • Claire


  • Helen Donovan

    WOW! Amazing video. Great.

    what is the music on this?

  • caracully

    really awesome