PetaPixel Camera Sticker Giveaway!

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winner was randomly selected and announced below.

Our new Camera Stickers have been quite a hit since we introduced them yesterday, so we thought we’d do a fun sticker giveaway this weekend. One lucky, randomly selected reader will receive 60 sheets of Camera Stickers, worth $100! With 91 stickers on each sheet, that’s a whopping 5,460 stickers — enough to quit your sticker-earning job and retire comfortably.

To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is:

Tell us what you’ll do with the camera stickers

There are two ways to enter, and doing both methods will give you 2 entries in the contest, and thus double the chance the win!

  1. Leave your response as a comment on this post
  2. Tweet your response, and include the following text anywhere in the tweet: #camerastickers

    As long as that text appears in the tweet, you’ll be automatically entered in the contest.

This contest will end Monday, September 5th, 2011, and is open to international readers as well. We’ll randomly pick a winner using and update this post. Good luck!

Update: This giveaway is now over. We received 224 comment entries and 136 Tweet entries for 360 entries overall. The randomly selected winner is…

#275: Olga Bēma (@oldziniex)

i will stick them on my workplace.. everywhere xD

Congratulations! Please email [email protected] to claim your prize (we’re contacting you as well).

Thanks to everyone who entered! If you didn’t win, don’t despair — you can pick up 3 sheets of stickers (273 stickers total) for just $5 over in our store. If you’ve bought some already, thanks a lot for supporting this blog! :)

  • Nicholas Smith

    I’d leave stickers in every location I shoot in, and maybe on every model as well.

  • Nicholas Smith

    I’d leave stickers in every location I shoot in, and maybe on every model as well.

  • Cindy

    Yeah baby. Stick Stick Sticker Me!  

  • Cindy

    Yeah baby. Stick Stick Sticker Me!  

  • CarstenW

    Lovely stickers! If I had them, I would probably end up trying to collect all the cameras depicted :)

  • Cyclops

    I would spread the joy and sticker everything. Including my eyelids.

  • Rob Dray

    i’d give them all names and love them like my own children !

  • Tamar

    I’d make a studio background of them. 

  • Anonymous

    I would affix them to common rats in and around London and Bristol.

    and occasionally pet shops.

  • Missphotog2001
  • Raphael Moser

    I absolutely need those as MBP decals…

  • Raphael Moser

    I absolutely need those as MBP decals…

  • Anonymous

    I will stack them ontop of eachother until I have a long stick, I will not disclose what I will do with my stick.

  • Jean Aretz

    They are so nice, #camerastickers. I realy want them. #camerastickers

  • Jakob Venezuela

    I think I’ll line the entire baseboard of my bedroom. 

  • Anonymous

    I’d be able to decorate my dorm room walls!

  • PERSONAL TOUCH PHOTO #camerastickers i will use them in my business on displays 

  • Jordan Bond

    Awesome! I would treasure each one and only stick them on things I’d be certain to have for a long time to come :)

  • Stephan Henningsen

    I’d put stickers on my laptop, my bike helmet, my car, and of course: on my … tra-la-la!

  • Ftwphoto

    I’d stick them on my business cards to make each one unique.

  • Anonymous

    These stickers would be a big hit at Flickr HQ!

  • Wiz Rares

    Just like everybody else, I’d put them on my polaroid camera :D

  • Dimitri Balidis

    I’d put some of them on my lens hoods and let everyone know, how much SWAG Petapixel has! 

  • ShiraGu

    I want one.

  • Vaibhav Bhosale

    I don’t know what to do with these many stickers :)

  • Daniel Nguyen

    This would be awesome to put on my binder and laptop:)

  • K6Martini

    I work for my university’s newspaper, I would give them to all the other photographers so we could hand them out to people we photograph at events.

  • Katie

    I would decorate my binder with them!

  • Dillon Deaton

    Plenty of places around my school for these!

  • Jack Kennedy

    I’d cover my camera charger, phone, ipod, laptop and a few other possessions in the stickers! I wouldn’t let them near my vintage cameras though, or my DSLR!

  • Jim Marsh

    You can stick these! :-)

  • Kevin Ruiz

    I’ll make a trail!

  • Debdorneles

    I’ll stick it in my cameras, of course! :D

  • Debdorneles

    I’ll stick it in my cameras, of course! :D

  • Lau

    Just got a new room and it could use some decoration! :D

  • Sebastian Oliva

    Camera Stickers #camerastickers

  • Yaffa

    I would love to stick them at random on notes and friends :)

  • David Nagy

    I’d stick them on my camera, or camera bag, or car window.

  • eileen

    I’d stick them on my vision board notebook, my sketchbook, my diary, give them to friends and family and all over photo albums. They look awesome!

  • Mikhill93

    stick them all over my bands equipment and ant gig venues

  • Andy Leung

    I’d love to give out them to all my friends, with the remaining stickers, they will be stick all over my gadgets :)

  • Phill

    I will put them all around the walls near my camera collection and randomly stick them around my mates van. 

  • A Trudeau-Dion

    I would stock them on my macbook my camera cases car’s by the key hole of my door and office…….

  • Anonymous

    Sign me up!

  • Micahofmatthias

    I would keep them pristine in the package and stare at them until they inspire me to create something wonderful. Then I would let loose a flurry of stickers all over my stuff. 

  • David Isaac

    I think I’d stick them on my bike, longboard, train, cameras, fridge, park, work, bags, friends, phone, kayak, laptop, buildings, cars, fav shops and in every single thing that i will take picture of … will be like my water mark 

  • Ryan

    Put them on business cards. An everything else I own.

  • Nicole P

    I would share them with my class of fellow photography students— we graduate in two weeks!!  

  • Nicole P

    I would share them with my class of fellow photography students— we graduate in two weeks!!  

  • Jeremy

    I am going to put them all over my new MacBook Pro !!!!