Perseid Meteor Photographed from Space

One amazing perk that comes with being a NASA astronaut is that you can watch meteor showers up close and from above. Astronaut Ron Garan captured this awesome photograph from the International Space Station of a Perseid meteor burning up in our atmosphere.

By the way, did you notice the hot pixels littering the frame? That’s probably why NASA sometimes only uses DSLRs once before too many pixels are destroyed by space radiation.

What a “Shooting Star” looks like #FromSpace (via Gizmodo)

  • Sam Christopher Cornwell

    Wow. I’d love to shoot with a camera that’s been to space.

    Even if it has got hot pixels!

    Even if it is a Nikon!

  • Anonymous

    It might just be my phone but I think that hot pixel has a shadow opposite to it’s light source.