Win Your Portrait Subjects Over with Genuine Enthusiasm

Celebrity portrait photographer Chris Buck offers this tip for portraiture: be genuinely enthusiastic. Your enthusiasm can be infectious and make your subjects more comfortable with your ideas.

(via Strobist)

  • Ben

    what kind of camera does he use?

  • Jay

    Not that it’s very important Ben, but if you pause the video, you can see he’s using a Mamiya RZ67 in that shoot.

  • Skinner Photographs

    He might be able to get them to do whatever he wants, but I can honestly say I didn’t like more than 3 of the photos featured there, but to each his own.

  • Brian Roberts

    it’s a bit easier when you are dealing with famous people who interesting to most viewers just for the sake that they are famous.

    Also he’s dealing with actors and people who are generally ‘creative’ themselves.