GLMPS Captures the Moments Leading Up to iPhone Photographs

What if every photograph included a short video showing the few seconds that led up to the shutter being pressed? That’s the idea behind a new free iPhone app called GLMPS (pronounced “glimpse”). It’s a camera app that stores a few seconds of video with each shot, letting users share the background behind each picture (try clicking the photo above). Unlike normal iPhone photos, displaying a GLMPS photo/video requires a special embed code, make it somewhat inconvenient to share. Wouldn’t it be interesting if short videos could be stored in the metadata of photographs taken by all digital cameras? Seems kinda farfetched, but it might be possible as technology progresses.

GLMPS in the App Store (via AllThingsD)

  • Bob O’H

    IronicallyI’m reading this on my iPhone, & can’t see the photos.

  • Kyle Wagner

    I love this idea but I don’t know how worth it it would be.  It definitely would be nice to look back on moments and wonder how it all came about. 

  • Jake

    this really isn’t a new idea, my six year old camera has this.

  • Jake

    this really isn’t a new idea, my six year old camera has this.

  • Jason

    The cross platform way to implement this will be in HTML5 – the first thought that came to mind was the tag using the – poster=”” – attribute.

    also there are microdata formats that could allow you to add in the video link and have it play on click (via javascript)

  • jersey36