Photo Tampering Throughout History

Image forensics company Fourandsix set up an interesting page called “Photo Tampering throughout History“. It’s an interesting timeline of famous photo manipulations, going as far back as the 1860s — the above left image of General Grant was found by the Library of Congress to actually be a composite of three separate photos! Pretty good for not having access to Photoshop, eh?

Photo Tampering throughout History (via John Nack)

  • Thomas

    i recommend you a very good book (only in French though I think): Controverses (Controversies) by Daniel Girardin and Christian Pirker, subtitled “a legal and ethical history of photography”. First published in 2008.
    Photo tampering is only one dimension of it, it also covers the early fight about who invented photography, historical misinterpretations of famous photographs, and so on.
    Very very interesting.
    There’s currently an exhibition in Paris, hopefully it will tour in other countries.

  • Erica_gann

    erica gann