Dave Hill Photographs Deconstructed

Los Angeles-based photographer Dave Hill created this video showing all 11 photographs in his Adventure series deconstructed, giving us a glimpse of how they were put together. Hill lights and shoots different portions of his photographs separately, then combines them all into a single image using crazy Photoshop skills. Reminds me of Disney’s amazing multi-plane camera.

Adventure Series (via Strobist via PhotoWeeklyOnline)

  • Travis

    I’ve always loved Dave Hill’s stuff, it’s really cool to see it in exploded view like this.

  • Flgraphics

    mind blowing

  • Sobes

    It’s quite interesting. I love that series of pictures (the look is amazing) but I really would have preffered that someone started explain it in a bit more detail instead of just flying through different layers while omnious music is playing ;)  

  • Charles Saulters II

    Agreed! I thought the point would be to show some of his process or at least explain his approach to lighting etc. It was cool to see some but I was just hoping to see something different.