Nikon Unveils the NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G Macro Lens for DX Cameras

Nikon has just announced the new AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G lens, which has a FoV equivalent to a 60mm on a full frame body. It boasts a minimum focusing distance of just 6.4 inches, and has a reproduction ratio of 1:1.

Here are some sample shots taken with the lens:

The lens will hit store shelves in August at the price of $280.

  • Edward


  • Mwing48

    It wouldn’t have an equiv. focal length of 60mm on FX, it’s be wider than 40mm, probably closer to 26mm, but you’d get heavy vignetting/falloff.  

  • Outlierimagery

    It’s the other way around

    If you put this on a full frame, it would be a true 40mm lens, but putting it on a dx body, you have to account for the 1.5 crop factor, so it’s field of view is equal to a 60mm lens if the 60mm was on a full format chip

  • Mwing48

    Nah, it’s a DX Lens, designed to be a true 40mm on a 1.5 cropped sensor.  

    If you used this lens on a camera with a full-frame sensor, you would get a wider image than on a cropped sensor (But with heavy falloff).  

    Crop factor is really only relavent when you use full-frame lenses on cropped sensors, in which case you need to multiply by the crop factor of that sensor(1.5 for Nikon DX, 1.6 for Canon APS-C, 1.3 for Canon APS-H).

  • Charles Mason

    nikon itself states that it’s a 60mm equivalent on a full frame:

  • Mwing48

    It was my understanding that a 40mm DX lens on a DX sensor gave the same angle of view as a 40mm FX lens on an FX sensor.  Am I wrong on that?  If so, how?

  • Sebastian Oliva

    A 40mm DX lens on an FX sensor will give a 40mm angle of view, but the image circle will probably be vignetted or missing corners (as it was designed to cover a smaller sensor). 

    A 40mm FX lens on an FX sensor will work perfectly, and if you mount a 40mm FX lens on a DX sensor, it will have the field of view of a 60mm FX lens on an FX sensor. (crop factor)

  • Almond

    A 40mm lens is a 40mm lens. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a DX camera, a FX camera, 645 camera, 4×5 camera, etc. 

    What changes, however, is the angle of view. The angle of view seen by a DX sensor with a 40mm lens is the same angle of view seen by a FX sensor with a 60mm lens is the same angle of view seen by a 6×6 medium format camera with a ~70mm lens, etc.