Beautiful Commercial from Nikon’s “I AM NIKON” Campaign

Nikon has been doing a pretty good job with its “I AM NIKON” advertising campaign in Europe — so good, apparently, that one Flickr user went as far as to get the slogan tattooed on her forearm. Too bad Nikon chose to run Ashton Kutcher commercials in the US instead of these ads…

In case you’re wondering, the song used is Welcome Home by Radical Face.

(via Pixel Analogo)

  • Colin Peddle

    Cool except that clip of Robbie Williams. They need to stop using it, it’s bs.

  • Hburger

    That advert always gives me goosebumps… so much identity… such a good campaign.

  • Hburger

    That advert always gives me goosebumps… so much identity… such a good campaign.

  • Michael

    I got bored half way through.  I am a Canon user.

  • Sebastián Soto

    You could replace the ‘Nikon’ word with ‘Canon’, ‘Sony’, ‘Leica’, ‘Whatever’ and this commercial would be the same. It’s more than a brand IMO. It’s a reflection of what photography means to all of us, no matter the brand of the camera you’re holding.

  • Idrifter

    Now that’s just cool!

  • Idrifter

    Now that’s just cool!

  • Sebastian

    I think you’re absolutely right. Still, the guy in space was some kind of a “in your face canon and sony” thing which made me smile.

  • Harry Lim

    True. I seem to remember reading that he used a Canon and the print ad photoshopped it to look like a Nikon. Freeze it at :55 and it looks like a G-series.

  • Mark J P

    Really great video (…and I’m a Canon guy)! hehe :)

  • jcarsonbarrett

    Great video!  I think the whole Nikon
    vs Canon vs Nikon thing is tedious at best.  If being a Canon fan makes
    this boring, you are caught up in hype and I pity you.  I will not say
    what I use, but I will say, I respect those who use the other, as you cannot go
    wrong with either choice and that goes for Sony, Pentex or whatever.  The
    camera is but a tool, the really important part is the photographer and his use
    of said tool.  The best camera you own is the one in your hand when a
    photo opportunity presents itself.

  • unsilent majority

    I saw nothing of “being” Nikon, and all about being a photograpaher. You can’t be Canon, and you can’t be Nikon, the camera becomes you.

  • edv

    I’m a Nikon shooter but as far as camera commercials, the PEN has been my fave.  I did kind of like the Sampras v. Agassie commercials too, though.