Giant Lens Pillows Lack Sharpness but Great for Hugging at Night

If you’ve ever wanted a lens to hug at night but found your actual glass to be a bit uncomfortable, then these plush pillows are designed for you. Plushtography is a new company that makes these lens-lookalike pillows by hand using “fleece, felt, and a little bit of love”. You can buy a small prime pillow for $41 with shipping included or a pro zoom lens for $77.

Plushtography (via Photojojo)

  • Anonymous

    I wish I had a big high-up window visible from the street, I’d put this thing on 2 tripods behind it.

  • Bas ter Beek

    I don’t think on of those would fit in my camerabag. Maybe we can transform it into a camerabag?

  • Sebasti├ín Soto

    That’s something I’d definitely buy. A camera bag that looks like a lens (a camera would also be nice).