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Track Camera Gear Prices Over Time with Shopobot

Shopobot is a new shopping tool that helps buyers determine the best price to buy products from various retailers by tracking their price changes across time. Retailers often change the prices of different items often to determine the best price point, which can cause frustration for people who buy a product only to find it $50 cheaper the next day. If you’re looking to buy a camera, lens, or any other piece of gear, you might benefit from doing a quick search on Shopobot to find the price history of that item.

Shopobot (via Reuters)

Bruce Gilden Explaining Why He Shoots with a Leica

During a workshop in São Paulo, Brazil earlier this month, someone asked Magnum street photographer Bruce Gilden to explain why he shoots with a Leica. Here’s his response.

If you haven’t already, you should watch the behind-the-scenes videos we shared a while back of Gilden doing street photography in NYC and in Derby.

(via Leica Rumors)

What a 268-Megapixel Sensor Looks Like

Last week we shared the beautiful first space photo to be taken with the OmegaCAM, a 268-megapixel, 1,700-lb camera operated by the European Southern Observatory. Here are some photographs of the camera itself, which uses an array of 32 separate CCD sensors for its incredible resolution.
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Cheap DSLR Follow Focus Kit that Lets You Remember Focus Points

DSLR Solutions has a new follow focus kit that allows you to keep track of focus points without being bulky or expensive. The $60 kit is basically a clamp, a velcro strap, and some metal markers that attach to the strap. Attaching the markers allows you to bounce between focus points, or keep track of a number of points if you have multiple subjects. We’ve featured a number of DIY follow focus solutions here in the past, but using a velcro strap and markers is something we haven’t seen before.
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Experimenting with Stacks of UV Filters

One of the benefits of running a gear rental business is that you have a ton of equipment you can use for random experiments. That’s exactly what Roger Cicala, the owner of LensRentals, did with the UV filters he had on hand. One-upping the 19 filter stack we shared a while back, he mounted 50 different UV filters to a Canon 5D Mark II and 300 f/4 lens to see what the resulting images would look like.
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There are 12 Hasselblad Cameras on the Surface of the Moon

Last week we shared about how astronauts left some Nikon DSLR gear to burn up in the atmosphere instead of having it brought back to Earth, but it certainly wasn’t the first time cameras were left in space. Did you know that there are 12 Hasselblad cameras currently sitting on the surface of the moon? The cameras that shot those iconic images of the moon’s surface between 1969 and 1972 were left there to allow for the 25kg of lunar rock samples that were brought back instead. Only the film magazines were brought back.

Sports Photographer Combines Entire Events into Single Images

German sports photographer Peter Langenhahn has an interesting way of documenting the important moments in a sporting event. Instead of showing them each in a separate photograph, he shoots events from a distant perspective and combines the important moments into a single image afterward. For example, one of his panoramas shows every single foul called throughout the course of a soccer match. After shooting up to 3,000 photos during an event, he spends up to 2-3 months combining them into a photo thats 100 GB in size and takes 6 hours just to save.

(via Fstoppers)

Leica Spotted on Kate Spade Handbag

Kate Spade’s Pocomo Gwem handbag features a pretty well known rangefinder camera. Recognize it? It’s the Leica M9 with a gold plated spade in the “red dot” instead of the standard Leica logo. Too bad the $225 bag isn’t meant to actually hold one.

Pocomo Gwem by Kate Spade New York (via KEH Camera Blog)

Create Simple Download Links for Entire Flickr Sets

Flickr is a popular method of sharing photos, but the service doesn’t provide any easy way to download them in bulk. Flick and Share is a web app that creates simple download links for Flickr sets that you can send to family and friends, allowing them to quickly download a copy of the images you shot at an event. We’ve tested it out, and it works as advertised.

Flick and Share (via Lifehacker)

Time-lapse Music Video Uses Apartment Buildings for Light Show

Film director André Chocron created this beautiful music video for the song “Time is of the essence” by Cold Mailman using time-lapse and tons of time-consuming editing. The time-lapse stills were shot over two weeks using a Canon 7D and Nikon D300, but that wasn’t the difficult part — editing the video to have the apartment buildings serve as equalizers for the music took a whopping three months!

(via via planet5D)

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