Fire in the Sky: Severe Lightning Storm Captured Through Stacked Photos

Why settle for one boring lightning bolt when you can show 70+ bolts in the same photograph? Photographer Chris Kotsiopoulos of GreekSky recently shot a severe thunderstorm from Ikaria Island in Greece using a Canon 550D and 50mm 1.8 Mark II. He stacked 70 separate 20-second exposures to create the crazy image you see above.

(via Laughing Squid)

Image credit: Photograph by Chris Kotsiopoulos and used with permission

  • Oreolee

    This is what I imagine a Protoss Templar Psionic storm would look like in real life… 

  • Luke Jones


  • Andrew MacDonald

    Awesome image. Well done to the photographer. 

  • Tina Ashley

    Wow amazing photograph!