How to Save Your Company 50% on Stock Photography of Babies

This card company must feel pretty good about itself — they managed to save 50% on the stock photos used for these “new baby” cards!

(via @weikiemon via John Nack)

Image credit: Photograph by @weikiemon and used with permission

  • Jan

    haha proper efficiency!

  • Jack Kennedy

    Imagine having twins – one boy, one girl – and being given these two cards!

  • Felipe Yang

    at least they didn’t take it one step further and just have one card that says “A new baby boy/girl!”

  • Angela Taylor

    That’s not even an original pose! XD

  • ranajay

    Should’ve left the Boy/Girl portion blank altogether. Could’ve saved on the printing too!

  • Five Point Capitol Scam

    Lovely card!!Other products are sold that may be related to baby showers so shop around for this occasion. 

  • Anonymous

    A New Baby Human!!