Cheap DSLR Follow Focus Kit that Lets You Remember Focus Points

DSLR Solutions has a new follow focus kit that allows you to keep track of focus points without being bulky or expensive. The $60 kit is basically a clamp, a velcro strap, and some metal markers that attach to the strap. Attaching the markers allows you to bounce between focus points, or keep track of a number of points if you have multiple subjects. We’ve featured a number of DIY follow focus solutions here in the past, but using a velcro strap and markers is something we haven’t seen before.

Here’s a video demonstrating how the kit is used:

You can buy it from DSLR Solutions, or use the idea for making your own DIY version.

DSLR Follow Focus (via Gizmodo)

  • Sjoerd

    60 bucks is still a lot of money for this…

  • Anonymous

    Whats wrong with the $2 jar opener shown before?

  • Anonymous

    Oh but it’s so cute and retro and…

    …nope you’re right. Ludicrously overpriced.

    However it is about as easy to reverse engineer as you’re going to get.

    Clients might wonder why you have a jar opening kit attached to your camera though.

  • Rob LaRosa

    Wow – I can do the same thing with a couple of pieces of masking tape and a Sharpie marker. Although, I will admit that my thumb and index finger aren’t stainless steel like this product.

  • Uaiocervantes

    At $25.00 they would sell like hot-cakes.

  • ohno studio

    Is it April 1st? Have I missed something?

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  • Aaron Stidwell

    I concur. 

  • Aaron Stidwell

    I concur. 

  • Aaron Stidwell

    I concur. 

  • Anonymous

    and would represent only a 500% mark up…

  • Shroomeister

    Why is everyone so critical? Don’t see you coming up with any solutions!

  • Scottconditt

    5 hair clips and a 2 dollar “O” clamp from Home Depot…..the bag must be made out of baby seal skin in order to charge that price!

  • Aric Spence

    Thought I should at least chime in here to give a little perspective since I am the one who manufactures the DSLR Follow Focus. There is a lot of labor and care that goes into every kit that I put together. This product is handmade and not mass-produced and thus the price reflects this.

    The DSLR Follow Focus has been quite well received in the industry. I have had people who use standard rail follow focus systems purchase my kit because of the ease-of-use and portability. I was looking for an “under $100″ professional solution that I would not be embarrassed to pull out when doing client work. One did not exist, so I created it.

    Take care,
    Aric Spence
    DSLR Solutions

  • Paul Abrahams
  • Dayzen

    I have been 1st AC many times and using your hand to change focus only works with a tripod, at least for me. I love working with an actual follow focus ring or electronic follow focus. I have done some short films where there wasn’t a follow focus on set. I went really ghetto and used a plastic clothing hanger. It fits snuggly over the lens. I just marked my focus points with white gaffers tape and it worked perfectly.