Sports Photographer Combines Entire Events into Single Images

German sports photographer Peter Langenhahn has an interesting way of documenting the important moments in a sporting event. Instead of showing them each in a separate photograph, he shoots events from a distant perspective and combines the important moments into a single image afterward. For example, one of his panoramas shows every single foul called throughout the course of a soccer match. After shooting up to 3,000 photos during an event, he spends up to 2-3 months combining them into a photo thats 100 GB in size and takes 6 hours just to save.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Steve-o

    i like, seems very nice.. particularly the pictures of the soccer match, but thats because i love soccer

  • Dtyhfj

    just saving it can take 6 hours. erm, no thanks

  • panomeister

    I did the same sort of pano a few years ago for a friend who plays volleyball. Using all the shots I took during a grand final match I put together a pano of the court containing only her in all positions of the court. People like the shot and assume its a “normal” shot until they realise its all the same person  then they go “wow!”.

  • Calkite7

    Thanks for linking!

  • Click

    Be intersting to see this done on a pan-generational time scale.  Say start an image on the life of a glacier, how it recedes, gets intruded upon by urban development … but have the key points added by more then one artist over their lifetimes…

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