Guy Has Nikon Lenses Smashed by His Angry Girlfriend After Fight

An unfortunate photo-lover in Hong Kong recently got into a fight with his girlfriend, who proceeded to smash his beautiful collection of Nikon lenses. Among the casualties were a Nikkor 28-70 f2.8D, Tokina 28-70 F2.6-2.8, Nikkor 80-200 f2.8D, Nikkor 17-35 F2.8D, and a Nikon TC-20E teleconverter.

Apparently the girlfriend knows a thing or two about destroying lenses — not satisfied with marring the lenses cosmetically, she shattered the front and rear lens elements as well!

He posted some other photographs of his destroyed gear to this DCHome forum thread (it’s in Chinese).

(via DigitalRev)

  • Jin

    he destroy her poperty first… her… virginity.. lolzz

  • Parasiempre32

    Wow.  Bitter much?  Way to make it an anti-male thread instead.

  • akfreelance

    …You’re taking that comment personally and completely out of context. He is obviously referring to this post…not the entire population of women. No one is being sexist here so there is no need for a defensive remark.

    I completely agree. This shit is fucked up! I would wreck that bitches car and roll it into a ditch!

  • akfreelance

    Really? You’re telling me you have NEVER seen a psycho bitch before? Honestly…who gives a fuck if it was her fault OR his fault…you should NEVER cause over 3k+ in damage of someone elses property just because they cheated on you or whatever the problem is. If he “laid a hand on her” than call the damn cops, don’t go crazy and piss him off more by smashing his precious lenses.

  • Fool

    You do realize there are such a thing called “model” photographers…right? Instead of working 8 hours a day in a cubicle, I can take a camera and take pictures of women in bikinis or “artistic” nude pictures. Btw, they’re skinny because they’re always out taking photos trying to improve instead of wasting time picking heaving things up and putting them back down over and over. 

  • Sam Hou

    How materialistic we all are..

  • B Winn1

    at least he can switch to canon now

  • Corry

    Maybe she bought those lenses herself. 

  • Alpha-MAX

    All that I can objectively say is what a loss it was.

  • Alpha-MAX

    Who knows the cause. I have expensive lenses, too, and I make sure to keep them in a safe place. By the same token, it says to me that he doesn’t know her all that well that, on one hand he’d has a person in his life who has anger issues, and on the other hand he has expensive equipment. Seems to me that between one hand and the other, something has to give. Real important to understand the person you pick in an environment where you have valuables. But some folks go for the looks and don’t care about their insides until something like this happens. I’m not saying that he did not cause her reaction, but who knows? I say assess BEFORE he or she moves in.

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    Regardless of who did what first, it is not right to destroy somebody’s property in retaliation. That is childish and to think otherwise proves you to think like a child.

  • Princess Serenity Usagi Tsukui

    Is there any actual reason given as to why she did this? perhaps he was selling pictures that he took of her nude without her knowledge? Perhaps he was taking pictures of other females inappropriately, maybe he cheated~ I like how this article couldn’t get any more bias if it tried.

  • Michael Anthony Chua

    I want to see how pictures will turn out using these broken lenses.

  • Jacquie

    Whatever she was outraged over gives no justification whatsoever for what she did to those lenses. Those lenses cost a lot of money. Sounds like she’s got a loose screw in her head somewhere, let alone a very immature way of handling things and a very low EQ. If I were the boyfriend, I would break up with her IMMEDIATELY . Tsk tsk.

  • Luntian Grace Tagaamihan

    why she did it it plain simple guys… she wants to get even. if you slap a guy well he’s old enough to take it. it will just last a few days or hours but if you want to teach a guy a lesson destroy the thing/things he love most. yeah people here won’t be whining right if they don’t feel the pain.

  • PhotoMom

    You have no way of knowing that he didn’t commit a crime. You only know that she smashed up the lenses. Period. Regardless, violence on either part, including destroying property is not the answer to any problem.

  • Ms. Kuting

    Regardless who’s fault it is, it is wrong to destroy the lenses.
    It clearly shows that the woman wants to kill the guy’s happiness.

    Even if the guy did something wrong on her, revenge is so immature.

    There are so many ways to settle problems without resorting to that.

  • Ms. Kuting

    If he was selling her nude picture, she could just sue him.
    If its cheating, she can just dump him.

    No need to do something below the belt.

  • Daniel Lee

    The author meant, Current “Ex-girlfriend”

  • jrconner

    What did he to to infuriate her? He spent big money on lenses, not on her.

  • David Guerra

    She is responsible for what she did, and I expect him to be able to legally make her so and get paid for the damages.

  • hdc77494

    Most of the women that do this sort of thing don’t really have a good reason. They’re no different than the guys who kill ex girlfriends once the girl meets a new guy. Making her sound petty ignores the level of violence necessary to do the damage she did.

  • mcl

    nobody dserves that–that’s criminal. that’s thuusands of dollars in lenses–doubt if chinese law is kind or compassionate to such a person. certainly in USA she would be looking at long prison time an serious charges for such destructive maliciousness because to destroy front and back elements of a lens, you have to be deliberately, fricking brutal. that’s very expensive damage.

  • ilovemonika

    Hong Kong/Chinese girls are scary when they are angry.
    They would beat up their bf in public if they have to.

  • Korios

    Ouch, she looks like she used her heels on them! Apparently she used her claws on him as well. Beware of a woman’s wrath..

  • Frank Billue

    She must have dated a photog before.

  • Hershey Desai

    and this is how serial killers are born

  • Matt Palmer

    Or maybe you should not jump to conclusions based on not even one side of the story?

  • Matt Palmer

    I may be wrong but the poster looks like a guy to me.

    But you are just going to assume a post is from a ‘stupid female’ right? You sound like an a-hole.

  • no secret

    canon user wouldnt have to worry, not being able to pick up chicks and all ;)

  • Bruce edwards

    The females motivation does not matter, this is criminal damage to property at the felony level, with the intent to deprive him of the use of his property. Lock her up!

  • Display_Name

    Same thing

  • Ridgecity

    He probably did a “Woody Allen”!

  • TN

    lol, excellent rationalization =D but it happened in china.. he will file an insurance claim, and she’ll face the wrath of the chinese civil justice system 0_o

    she may have taught him a lesson, mostly in filing insurance claims.. but she will probably realize that, like most lessons, the lessons come at the expense of the teacher

  • reviewer007

    If you’ve had a psycho b!tch girlfriend and were a photographer, you know these results well.

  • Darvoot Nakamumu

    hell hath no fury like a woman screaming at you in cantonese

  • dacrbe

    What a B**CH!! destroying your partners stuff because of an argument is disgraceful,
    Relationships (boyfriend + girlfriend/ marriage) waste of time, whats the point in them

  • Nick Nitro

    Or maybe I was just merely speculating with present data? Chill out, Matt. It helps a lot in leading a happy life.

  • Nick Nitro

    Maybe she just feels bad because her incident didn’t get a petapixel article.

  • Matt Palmer

    Yes I bet the ladies just love your stupid attitude. All the best with your ‘happy life’ of speculation.

  • Nick Nitro

    Oh. So your existence is based solely on pleasing the opposite sex? Good for you! :D No need to put quotes there, dude. My life is happy.

  • Matt Palmer

    More speculation from a stupid person.

  • Nick Nitro

    You’re speculating I am stupid. HA! (Dude, seriously. Keep going. Your arguments are getting better.) :bd

  • Matt Palmer

    You are more than proving my point =) You get called out on speculating, then you reply with more unfounded accusations. Seems pretty stupid to me.

  • Nick Nitro

    But you are doing the same! So does this prove that all men are stupid?

  • Matt Palmer

    We already knew that.

  • Nick Nitro

    But if we already knew that, does that still make us stupid?

  • Nick Nitro

    Hey, Matt. I asked if that still makes us stupid?

  • Matt Palmer

    If all men are stupid, and we are men, therefore we are stupid.

  • Matt Palmer

    Are you lonely?