Make Beautiful Photos by Sharing a Roll of Film and Exposing it Twice

Here’s a neat photo project for you to try: find a friend who loves photography just as much as you do, and share a roll of film. After one person finishes using up a roll, rewind it and send it to the other person. That’s what photographers Lexi and Natalie did with their project Exposed Far Away.

To see more of their photographs, check out their project’s website here.

Exposed Far Away (via Photojojo)

Tip: For best results, each shooter should underexpose their images by about half of what you would ordinarily do (i.e. one stop down).

Tip 2: You might actually get better results from overexposing. Natalie tells us,

I’ve found that OVERexposing is better than underexposing when dealing with double exposures, because there is thicker emulsion when you double expose, therefore it helps to overexpose to make them thinner

Image credits: Photographs by Lexi and Natalie and used with permission

  • kaho karl

    Wow, now that’s really lovely :) ¬†I always enjoy fun ways of sharing creative projects with other photo friendlies. ¬†Brilliant.

  • suzie

    I live in France and a few months ago I did the same thing with a friend in Canada. We are in the process of doing another one now. It’s a great, fun project to do!
    (you can see ours here)

  • Ed

    Interesting idea, but which tip should we believe, as they’re diametrically opposite? Personally I think tip 1 makes sense, and tip 2, none.

  • Michael Zhang

    I would try tip 2 just because Natalie has quite a bit of experience in doing this, even though tip 1 is a tip you might see on the internet.

  • suzie

    when we do ours, the person who goes first underexposes by one stop and the second one goes at box speed. There will always be inconsistencies because of variations in the light conditions, but serendipity is part of it!