DIY Color Checker with Paint Swatches

Now here’s something we haven’t seen before: Flickr user Damon Hair made this cheap DIY color checker using mat board, foam core, and paint swatches matched with pantone colors from a local paint/hardware store.

Image credit: gretag-ish color checker by and used with permission

  • Tony Mac

    Those aren’t the same colors as the Macbeth Color Checker Chart however…

  • Justin

    NO, NO, NO, NO. The color swatches on a professional color checker such as the Macbeth are scientifically measured and printed to reproduce accurate colors underneath the spectrum of light. While the swatches from a hardware may be visually close they will not reproduce correctly and give you an incorrect reading. A chart is $69, is it really worth the incorrect color readings and your time?

  • Tony Mac

    The only way this would work is if you measured the swatches with a spectrophotometer to get the lab values and then matched them on the computer. Easier to buy a Color Checker and use the XRite software to build a profile in my opinion…

  • Lowtrust

    Aren’t the lab values publishedknown for some swatches?

  • Risbl1

    Didn’t know so many people were so rectal about color accuracy. If your eye can’t tell the difference then neither can your camera.

  • asnowfall

    It is possible to make color checker using Fine art paint tubes as some of them publishes CIE Lab values for each color. Golden Paints and Liquitex may also publish.

    On the same lines buy Neutral gray colors and paint where ever want, make your own gray card(any number of copies). Gray card sold by photo companies are so expensive one can buy whole range of Neutral tubes for same price.